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Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride

Chemical Name Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride
CAT No. CS-O-10151
CAS Registry# 1262897-74-4
Status Prompt Dispatch
Category Stable Isotopes
Mol. Wt. 302.64 g/mol
Mol. For. C₈¹³CH₁₂ClF₂N¹⁵N₂O₄
Hazardous This is a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

Additional Information

Controlled No
Parent API Gemcitabine
Purity Not less than 95 %
Therapeutic Immunosuppressants
Smileys FC1([C@@H]([15N](C=CC(N)=[15N]2)[13C]2=O)O[C@H](CO)[C@H]1O)F.Cl
Canonical Smiles C1=CN(C(=O)N=C1N)C2C(C(C(O2)CO)O)(F)F.Cl
Inchl InChI=1S/C9H11F2N3O4.ClH/c10-9(11)6(16)4(3-15)18-7(9)14-2-1-5(12)13-8(14)17;/h1-2,4,6-7,15-16H,3H2,(H2,12,13,17);1H/t4-,6-,7+;/m1./s1/i8+1,13+1,14+1;
IUPAC 4-amino-1-[(2S,4R,5R)-3,3-difluoro-4-hydroxy-5-(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl](213C,1,3-15N2)pyrimidin-2-one;hydrochloride
Hazardous Yes

Usage and description

Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride is a chemotherapy drug used to treat several types of cancer, including pancreatic, breast, lung, and ovarian cancer. It works by inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. This drug is a modified version of gemcitabine hydrochloride, which is a nucleoside analog. The addition of carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 isotopes to the drug allows for more precise tracking and analysis of its activity in the body. The chemical formula of Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride is C9H11C13N2O4·HCl. It is a white to off-white powder that is soluble in water and ethanol. The drug is administered through injection into a vein, usually in a hospital or clinic setting. Dosage is determined by several factors, including the type of cancer being treated, the patient's body weight and overall health, and other medications the patient may be taking. Like all chemotherapy drugs, Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride can cause side effects. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, and low blood cell counts. Patients receiving this drug should be closely monitored by their healthcare team for any potential complications. In conclusion, Gemcitabine 13C,15N2 Hydrochloride is an important chemotherapy drug used to treat several types of cancer. Its unique chemical composition allows for more accurate analysis of its effectiveness in the body. However, as with all chemotherapy drugs, it can cause side effects and should be used only under the close supervision of a healthcare professional.

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