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Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity

Also known as: Carvedilol Impurities or impurities of Carvedilol
Chemical Name Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity
CAT No. CS-O-14108
CAS Registry# 51997-51-4
Status Prompt Dispatch
Category Impurities
Mol. Wt. 239.27 g/mol
Mol. For. C₁₅H₁₃NO₂
Hazardous This is a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

Additional Information

Controlled No
Parent API Carvedilol
Purity Not less than 95%
Therapeutic Anti-Hypertensives, Circulatory system drugs
Smileys C1C(O1)COC2=CC=CC3=C2C4=CC=CC=C4N3
Hazardous Yes

Usage and description

Carvedilol is a medication that is commonly used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. As with any medication, there is a potential for impurities to be present. One such impurity is Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity. This impurity is a byproduct of the synthesis process used to create Carvedilol. Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity is not intended to be present in the final product, but it can sometimes be present in trace amounts. While the presence of this impurity is not necessarily harmful, it is still important to monitor and control impurities in pharmaceutical products to ensure their safety and efficacy. Chemically, Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity is a derivative of Carvedilol. It is a cyclic ether that contains an epoxide functional group. This functional group is important in the synthesis of Carvedilol and is also responsible for its potential toxicity. In terms of usage, Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity is not intended to be used as a medication. Its presence is simply a byproduct of the synthesis process for Carvedilol. However, it is important for pharmaceutical companies and researchers to be aware of its chemical properties and potential impact on the safety and efficacy of the final product.

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