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7-Carboxy-9(11)Δ-canrenone(Mixture of diastereomers)

Chemical Name 7-Carboxy-9(11)Δ-canrenone(Mixture of diastereomers)
CAT No. CS-O-34495
CAS Registry# 95716-74-8
Status Prompt Dispatch
Category Impurities
Mol. Wt. 384.47 g/mol
Mol. For. C₂₃H₂₈O₅
Hazardous This is a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

Additional Information

Controlled No
Smileys C[C@@](CC1)(C2=CC[C@@]3(C)C(CC[C@@](CC4)3OC4=O)C25)C(C[C@H]5C(O)=O)=CC1=O
Hazardous Yes

Usage and description

7-Carboxy-9(11)Δ-canrenone is a mixture of diastereomers that is derived from spironolactone, a potassium-sparing diuretic. It is used in the treatment of various conditions such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, and edema. It works by blocking the aldosterone hormone, which is responsible for regulating the balance of sodium and potassium in the body. By doing so, it reduces the amount of sodium and water retained in the body, which helps to decrease blood pressure and swelling. Chemically, 7-carboxy-9(11)Δ-canrenone is a carboxylic acid derivative of canrenone. It has a molecular formula of C22H26O5 and a molar mass of 370.44 g/mol. It is a white to off-white powder that is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and methanol but is insoluble in water. It is stable under normal conditions and has a melting point of approximately 220-224°C. In terms of safety, 7-carboxy-9(11)Δ-canrenone has been shown to have low toxicity and is generally well-tolerated by patients. However, as with any medication, it may cause side effects such as dizziness, headache, nausea, and electrolyte imbalances. It is important to use this medication only as directed by a healthcare provider and to report any adverse reactions to them promptly.

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