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Caffeine EP Impurity F

Also known as: Caffeine Impurities or impurities of Caffeine
Chemical Name Caffeine EP Impurity F
CAT No. CS-T-38705
CAS Registry# 611-59-6
Status Prompt Dispatch
Category Impurities
Mol. Wt. 180.16 g/mol
Mol. For. C₇H₈N₄O₂
Hazardous This is a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

Additional Information

Controlled No
Parent API Caffeine
Smileys O=C(N1C)NC2=C(N(C)C=N2)C1=O
Canonical Smiles CN1C=NC2=C1C(=O)N(C(=O)N2)C
Inchl InChI=1S/C7H8N4O2/c1-10-3-8-5-4(10)6(12)11(2)7(13)9-5/h3H,1-2H3,(H,9,13)
IUPAC 1,7-dimethyl-3H-purine-2,6-dione
Hazardous Yes

Usage and description

Caffeine EP Impurity F, also known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, is a chemical compound that is typically found in trace amounts in natural sources of caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and cocoa. It is classified as an organic impurity, meaning that it is a substance that is present in a chemical compound but is not the desired product. In terms of usage, Caffeine EP Impurity F is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry as a reference standard for the analysis of caffeine-containing products. This impurity is often used as a marker to ensure the quality and purity of caffeine products, as its presence in high concentrations can indicate poor manufacturing processes or contamination. Chemically, Caffeine EP Impurity F is a xanthine derivative with a molecular weight of 194.23 g/mol. It is a white crystalline powder that is relatively soluble in water and has a melting point of 232-234 °C. The compound is structurally similar to caffeine, differing only by the presence of an additional methyl group on the xanthine ring. While Caffeine EP Impurity F is not typically considered harmful at low concentrations, its presence in high concentrations can potentially lead to adverse health effects. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers of caffeine-containing products to ensure that levels of this impurity are kept within safe limits.

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