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Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt

Chemical Name Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt
CAT No. CS-T-64076
CAS Registry# 1623054-53-4
Status Under Certification (Usually dispatched in 5 days)
Category Stable Isotopes
Mol. Wt. 206.27 g/mol
Mol. For. C4HD4KNO4S
Hazardous This is not a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

Additional Information

Controlled No
Smileys O=C1[N-]S(OC(C([2H])([2H])[2H])=C1[2H])(=O)=O.[K+]
Canonical Smiles CC1=CC(=O)[N-]S(=O)(=O)O1.[K+]
Inchl InChI=1S/C4H5NO4S.K/c1-3-2-4(6)5-10(7,8)9-3;/h2H,1H3,(H,5,6);/q;+1/p-1/i1D3,2D;
IUPAC potassium;5-deuterio-2,2-dioxo-6-(trideuteriomethyl)-1-oxa-2lambda6-thia-3-azanidacyclohex-5-en-4-one
Hazardous No

Usage and description

Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt is a deuterated form of Acesulfame Potassium, which is an artificial sweetener. The compound is commonly used in various food and beverage products as a sugar substitute due to its intense sweetness. It is approximately 200 times sweeter than table sugar and has a negligible caloric value, making it a popular choice for people who are looking to reduce their sugar intake. The chemical formula of Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt is C4H4D4NO4SK, and its molecular weight is 232.35 g/mol. The compound is produced through the process of deuterium exchange, where hydrogen atoms in the Acesulfame Potassium molecule are replaced with deuterium atoms. Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt is a stable compound that is resistant to heat and acid, making it suitable for use in a variety of food and beverage products. It is commonly found in diet soft drinks, chewing gum, baked goods, and other low-calorie food products. Despite its widespread use, there are concerns about the safety of Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt. Some studies have suggested that it may have carcinogenic properties, although these findings are not conclusive. As with all artificial sweeteners, it is recommended that Acesulfame-d4 Potassium Salt be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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