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3-Bromoaniline D4

Find complete chemical information for 3-Bromoaniline D4. Clearsynth offers high purity 3-Bromoaniline D4 in BULK for worldwide delivery

3-Bromoaniline D4 is a deuterated variant of 3-bromoaniline, a chemical compound characterized by the presence of a bromine atom (-Br) and deuterium isotopes (D) in place of hydrogen atoms (-H). This isotopic substitution, often employed in analytical chemistry and organic synthesis, provides enhanced stability and unique spectroscopic properties, making 3-Bromoaniline D4 a valuable tool for research and analytical applications.

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Product Information: 3-Bromoaniline D4

Chemical Name 3-Bromoaniline D4
CAT No. CS-T-67167
CAS No. 81395-17-7
Status Available for Immediate Dispatch
Category Stable Isotopes
Mol. Wt. 176.05 g/mol mol/g
Mol. For. C₆H₂D₄BrN
Hazardous This is not a Hazardous Compound
COA View Sample COA

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  • Diverse reaction capabilities from Conventional batch reactions to Fixed-bed catalytic, Photo-reactions, Microwave, high pressure-high temperature, electrolytic & continuous flow reactions.
  • Specialized H-D Exchange as well as synthesis for Deuterium exchange
  • In-house R&D, Pilot Plant and Bulk Scale GMP Manufacturing setup

How is 3-Bromoaniline D4 used ?

3-Bromoaniline D4 in Bulk is primarily used in Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Discovery.


    • Deuterated 3-Bromoaniline
    • 3-Bromoaniline-d4
    • 3-Bromoaniline-2,4,5,6-d4
    • 3-Bromoaniline Deuteride
    • 3-Bromoaniline Deuterated Derivative
    • 3-Bromoaniline with Deuterium Substitution
    • 3-Bromoaniline Isotopologue
    • D-3-Bromoaniline
    • 3-Bromoaniline (Deuterated)
    • 3-Bromoaniline with Deuterium Labels

What are the References for 3-Bromoaniline D4 ?


Usage and description

3-Bromoaniline D4 is a deuterated form of 3-Bromoaniline, which is an aromatic amine. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid and is soluble in water, alcohol, and ether. 3-Bromoaniline D4 is commonly used as a labeled standard in a variety of analytical techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The deuterated form of 3-Bromoaniline is particularly useful in NMR spectroscopy because it has four hydrogen atoms replaced by deuterium atoms, making it easier to distinguish and identify the molecule in a complex mixture. Additionally, 3-Bromoaniline D4 can be used as a reference standard for quantification of other analytes in a sample. From a chemical perspective, 3-Bromoaniline D4 has the same molecular formula as 3-Bromoaniline, C6H5D4BrN. The only difference is the replacement of four hydrogen atoms with deuterium atoms. 3-Bromoaniline D4 has a molecular weight of 173.06 g/mol and a melting point of -10°C. In conclusion, 3-Bromoaniline D4 is a useful tool in the field of analytical chemistry due to its deuterated form, which makes it a valuable reference standard in various techniques. Its chemical properties are identical to those of 3-Bromoaniline, but the substitution of deuterium atoms makes it an essential tool in the field of NMR spectroscopy.

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