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Basic Chemical Information

CAT No.# CS-BN-00071
Category Catalysts
CAS 205064-10-4
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Molecular Weight 604.25
Molecular Formula C26H40BF4P2Rh
Synonyms rhodium(1+) ion (1Z,5Z)-cycloocta-1,5-diene (2S,5S)-1-{2-[(2S,5S)-2,5-dimethylphospholan-1- yl]phenyl}-2,5-dimethylphospholane tetrafluoroboranuide

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This page contains information about [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 Cas 205064-10-4 and its Catalysts.

[((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 Worldwide Suppliers of [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 Catalysts Clearsynth 205064-10-4

[((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 Worldwide Suppliers of [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 Catalysts Clearsynth CS-BN-00071

Product rating: 9 [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4 based on 20 ratings

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  2. [((SS)-Me-DuPhos)Rh(COD)]BF4

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