Flufenacet-thioglycolate sulfoxide


Product Details

CAT No.# CS-BX-00589
Category Metabolites
CAS 201668-33-9
Molecular Weight 301.33
Molecular Formula C13H16FNO4S
Purity: >98
Synonyms: 2-((2-((4-fluorophenyl)(isopropyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)sulfinyl)acetic acid; Flufenacet Metabolite FOE5043; [[2-[(4-fluorophenyl)(1-methylethyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl]sulfinyl]-Acetic acid; 2-[[2-[(4-Fluorophenyl)(1-methylethyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl]sulfinyl]acetic acid
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