5'-[(Desloratadine)methyl] Rupatadine


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CAT No.# CS-T-52178
Category Impurities
CAS 1224515-72-3
Molecular Weight 724.76
Molecular Formula C45H43Cl2N5
Stock Status: In-Stock
Purity: >98%
Synonyms: 11,11'-[3,5-Pyridinediylbis(methylene-1,4-piperidinediyl)]]pyridine; Rupatadine Impurity C;
Application Notes: 5'-[(Desloratidine)methyl] Rupatadine is an impurity of the antihistaminic drug Rupatadine .
References: Piva, R. et al.: Blood, 111, 2765 (2008); Sanchez, E. et al.: Br. J. Haematol., 148, 569 (2010);
Storage: For long term usage store at 2-8˚C
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