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CAT No.# CS-T-57242
CAS 58-89-9
Molecular Weight 29.83
Molecular Formula C6H6Cl6
Stock Status: In-Stock
Purity: >98%
Synonyms: Gama-BHC;(1a,2a,3β,4a,5a,6β)-1,2,3,4,5,6-He; 666; Aalindan; Aficide; Agrocide; Agrocide III; Agrocide WP; Ameisenmittel Merck; Aparasin; Aphtiria; Aplidal; Arbitex; Arcotal S; BBH; BHC; BHC (insecticide); Ben-Hex; Benhexol; Bentox 10; Benzene Hexachloride; Bercema-Spritz-Lindan 50; Bexol; Celanex; Chloresene; Codechine; DBH; Detmol Extract; Devoran; Dol Granule; Drilltox-Spezial Aglukon; ENT 7,796; Entomoxan; Esoderm; Fenoform forte; Forst-Nexen; Gamacid; Gamacide; Gamacide 20; Gamene; Gamma Benzene Hexachloride; Gamma-HCH; Gammalin; Gammalin 20; Gammaterr; Gammaxene; Gammexane; Gamoline; Geobilan; Geolin G 3; Gexane; HCC; HCCH; HCH; HGI; Heclotox; Hexa; Hexachloran; Hexachlorane; Hexachlorocyclohexane; Hexatin; Hexaverm; Hexicide; Hexyclan; Hilbeech; Hortex; Hungaria L 7; Inexit; Jacutin; Kanodane; Kokotine; Kwell; Lasochron; Lendine; Lentox; Lidenal; Lindafor; Lindane; Lindatox; Lindex; Lindosep; Lintox; Lintox 3; Linvur; Lorexane; Mglawik L; Milbol 49; Mszycol; Neo-Scabicidol; Nexen FB; Nexit; Nexit Stark; Nexol E; Nicochloran; Omnitox; Ovadziak; Owadziak; PLK; Pedraczak; Pflanzol; Prodactif; Quellada; Sang-gamma; Scabecid; Scabene; Spritz-Rapidin; Spritzlindane; Spruehpflanzol; Streunex; TAP 85; Tri-6; Verindal Ultra; Viton; 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexachlorocyclohexane; 666; BHC; Benzene Hexachloride; Benzohexachloride; HCH; Hexachloran; Hexachlorane; Hexachlorobenzene; Hexachlorocyclohexane; Lindane
Application Notes: Lindane is an insecticide that is used as a treatment for scabies and lice.
References: Bist, R., et al.: Int. J. Pharm. Pharma. Sci., 4, 117 (2012); Heinz, M., et al.: Human. Health. Handbook., 1, 355 (2012); Bay, S.M., et al.: Enviro. Toxciol. Chem., 31, 2711 (2012);
Storage: For long term usage store at 2-8°C
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