L-Valine D8
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CAT No. CS-T-62683
Category Deuterated Solvents and Reagents
CAS 35045-72-8
Mol. Weight 125.2 g/mol
Mol. Formula C5H3D8NO2
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Product Description
Stock Status Available - Dispatch by : 24-Dec-2019 5:00 PM
Synonyms (+)-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric Acid-d8; (2S)-2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic Acid-d8; (S)-2-Amino-3-methylbutanoic Acid-d8; (S)-Valine-d8; (S)-a-Amino-ß-methylbutyric Acid-d8; L-(+)-a-Aminoisovaleric Acid-d8; L-a-Amino-ß-methylbutyric Acid-d8; NSC 76038-d8;
Purity (%) >98%
Melting Point (℃)>300 
Solubility Water
Appearance White Solid
Application Notes Labelled analogue of L-Vailne. L-Valine is an essential amino acid and one of 20 proteinogenic amino acids. L-Valine cannot be manufactured by the body and must be acquired through diet or supplementation. L-valine is found in grains, dairy products, mushrooms, meats, peanuts and soy proteins. L-Valine has been used in studies to attenuate arrhythmias and induce hypotensive effects.
References Choi, C.W. et al.: Anim. Feed Sci. Technol., 102, 15 (2002); Kolarski, D. et al.: Krmiva, 30, 155 (1988); Oba, M. et al.: J. Dairy Sci., 93, 2044 (2010); Mitrega, K. et al.: Pharmacol. Res., 64, 218 (2011);
Pubchem Id 12169458
Smiles CC(C)C(C(=O)O)N
The balance used are calibrated with weights Traceable to National Standards NIST for accuracy

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