Ibuprofen 13C D3


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CAT No.# CS-T-92581
Category Stable Isotopes
CAS 1261394-40-4
Molecular Weight 210.29
Molecular Formula C1213CH15D3O2
Purity: >98
Melting Point: 70-74�C
Appearance: Off-White to Pale Yellow Solid
Synonyms: α-Methyl-13C,d3-4-(isobutyl)phenylacetic Acid, [13C,2H3]-Ibuprofen
Application Notes: Labelled Ibuprofen, a selective cyclooxygenase inhibitor (IC50=14.9uM). Inhibits PGH synthase-1 and PGH synthase-2 with comparable potency
References: Busson, M., et al.: J. Int. Med Res., 14, 53 (1986), Meade, E.A., et al.: J. Biol. Chem., 268, 6610 (1993), Davies, N.M., et al.: Clin. Pharmacokinet., 34, 101 (1998),
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