One stop solution for all challenges

GLP Compliant High Field Bio NMR/ 600 MHz & 300 MHz facility at Hyderabad is supported By dedicated & highly experienced NMR operators. The ultrashield instrument would give scientists an easier and quicker way of quantitative analysis like never before. We aim to provide world class NMR service and develop research collaboration for protein therapeutics and biosimilar service.

The spectrometer is ideally suited for solution-state NMR studies on biological macromolecules like proteins and nucleic acids. The well-equipped facility is a one stop solution for challenges in biologics; biosimilars, pharmaceuticals, API Generics, Nutraceuticals and Allied Healthcare Products. Addressing all the challenges associated with the quality control, product stability and regulatory requirements.

Our NMR services include:

  • NMR stand alone service (GLP)
  • NMR certified reference standards
  • Structural elucidation (Small Molecules) through NMR
  • Characterization and profiling (biologics/biopharmaceuticals) through NMR

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