List of 10 available Impurities of Glimepiride ?

CS-O-41715 2-hydroxypropyl 4-(2-(3-et.. NA C20H27N3O7S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-T-55277 Glimepiride EP Impurity A 684286-46-2 C24H34N4O5S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-T-22708 Glimepiride EP Impurity C 119018-30-3 C18H23N3O6S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-EO-00030 Glimepiride EP Impurity E - C16H21N3O4S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-EO-00031 Glimepiride EP Impurity F - C18H23N3O6S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-O-14314 Glimepiride EP Impurity G NA - Glimepiride Impurities
CS-EO-00029 Glimepiride EP Impurity H - C24H28N4O5S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-O-14316 Glimepiride Ethyl Ester Im.. 318515-70-7 C19H25N3O6S Glimepiride Impurities
CS-P-08760 Glimepiride Impurity 2 41176-69-6 C15H28N2O Glimepiride Impurities
CS-T-55279 ortho-Glimepiride Impurity 878480-70-7 - Glimepiride Impurities

What is Glimepiride Impurities?

  • Glimepiride Impurities are the components of Glimepiride which are not the defined active substance of Glimepiride
  • They are unwanted chemicals that remain with active pharmaceutical ingredients of Glimepiride
  • Some of Glimepiride Impurities can be used for evaluating data that establishes quality
  • They are also used for stability and biological safety of pharmaceutical products
  • Impurities of Glimepiride can also be used for ANDA / DMF filling and genotoxicity studies.

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What is Glimepiride?

Medical uses