List of 24 available Impurities of Risperidone ?

CS-T-87352 "5,6,7,8-Tetradehydro Risp.. 108855-18-1 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-56445 (R)-9-Hydroxy Risperidone 130049-85-3 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-56446 (S)-9-Hydroxy Risperidone 147663-01-2 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-35638 3-(2-(4-(4-fluorobenzo[d]i.. NA C23H27FN4O2 Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-35639 3-(2-(4-(7-fluorobenzo[d]i.. NA C23H27FN4O2 Risperidone Impurities
CS-ED-00977 4-fluoro-3-(piperidin-4-yl.. 95742-20-4 C12H13FN2O Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-15991 6-Desfluoro-6-hydroxy Risp.. 106266-11-9 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-15995 6-Desfluoro-6-methoxy Risp.. 1246817-15-1 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-30402 9-Keto Risperidone 1189516-65-1 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-35085 9-Methyl Risperidone 138271-01-9 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-16998 Bicyclo Risperidone - - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-37391 Bicyclo Risperidone Chlori.. NA C23H28ClFN4O2 Risperidone Impurities
CS-P-08300 cis-Risperidone N-Oxide 1894509-66-0 C23H27FN4O3 Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-24347 Risperidone EP Impurity D 1199589-74-6 C23H27FN4O2 Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-18345 Risperidone EP Impurity H 158697-67-7 C23H27F2N3O2 Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-54833 Risperidone EP Impurity I 1329796-66-8 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-15316 Risperidone EP Impurity J 1346606-24-3 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-40327 Risperidone impurity aceti.. - C27H28F4N4O6 Risperidone Impurities
CS-P-00482 Risperidone Impurity B - - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-61159 Risperidone N-Oxide 832747-55-4 C23H27FN4O3 Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-61160 Risperidone Pyrimidinone-N.. 1301724-91-3 - Risperidone Impurities
CS-O-11347 Risperidone Quaternary sal.. NA - Risperidone Impurities
CS-T-54841 Risperidone related compou.. 152542-00-2 C23H29ClFN3O3 Risperidone Impurities
CS-EO-00177 Risperidone Trans N-Oxide 1200448-51-6 C23H27FN4O3 Risperidone Impurities

What is Risperidone Impurities?

  • Risperidone Impurities are the components of Risperidone which are not the defined active substance of Risperidone
  • They are unwanted chemicals that remain with active pharmaceutical ingredients of Risperidone
  • Some of Risperidone Impurities can be used for evaluating data that establishes quality
  • They are also used for stability and biological safety of pharmaceutical products
  • Impurities of Risperidone can also be used for ANDA / DMF filling and genotoxicity studies.

How to buy Risperidone online?

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What is Risperidone?

Risperidone, sold under the brand name Risperdal among others, is an atypical antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is taken either by mouth or by injection (subcutaneous or intramuscular). The injectable versions are long-acting and last for 2-4 weeks.

Common side effects include movement problems, sleepiness, dizziness, trouble seeing, constipation, and increased weight. Serious side effects may include the potentially permanent movement disorder tardive dyskinesia, as well as neuroleptic malignant syndrome, an increased risk of suicide, and high blood sugar levels. In older people with psychosis as a result of dementia, it may increase the risk of death. It is unknown if it is safe for use in pregnancy. Its mechanism of action is not entirely clear, but is believed to be related to its action as a dopamine and serotonin antagonist.

Study of risperidone began in the late 1980s and it was approved for sale in the United States in 1993. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. It is available as a generic medication. In 2019, it was the 149th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 4\u00a0million prescriptions.