Senior Scientist

Experience : 4-6 years

Qualification :
- Ph.D in synthetic organic chemistry, 4-6 year work experience/ 2 years with Post-Doc is preferred.
- A proven scientific track-record, evidenced by published or accepted papers in well-recognised, peer- reviewed journals, oral and/or poster presentations at scientific meetings
- A strong knowledge of asymmetric and stereo selective synthesis
- Excellent practical laboratory skills, and the ability to independently design and execute experiments and interpret results.
- The ability to work well as part of a team
- A strong passion and commitment to synthetic organic chemistry is required
- Excellent written, verbal communication skills and positive interpersonal skills are required.
- Knowledge about stable isotope chemistry, ISO system and GMP will be an asset.

Responsibilities :
- The successful candidate will perform synthesis and research and development work as required.
- Solve synthetic problems, develop, design and implement new and innovative routes
- The candidate will be able to operate as part of a team and collaborate effectively across all functions.
- Follow the operating procedures of the company
- Maintains regularly the lab book and all the data associated with the Project
- Work on several different projects in tandem.
- Perform process development and research.
- Will mentor up to four people.
- Provide Project updates regularly.

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