ClearSolvere : LC MS Solvents

Prepared for your LC MS requirements, ClearSolvere® LC MS Solvents are ready-to-use, pre filtered through 0.2 µm and best for chromatography. These solvents assure reduced background noise due to low levels of cations. Before reaching to you, these solvents are scrupulously tested meeting batch to batch consistency and best performance.




CS-T-64376 Acetonitrile  75-05-8
CS-T-72673 Chloroform (Stabilized with ~1% Ethanol)  67-66-3
CS-O-30667 Methanol  67-56-1
CS-T-00304 Acetone  67-64-1
CS-CZ-00065 N,N-Dimethylformamide  68-12-2