ClearSolvere : NMR Solvents

ClearSolvereŽ NMR solvents come with high purity and high isotopic enrichment. They are prepared for your reproducible and reliable results with safe and wide choices of packaging.




CS-O-11464 Tert-butanol D10  53001-22-2
CS-T-57790 Methyl Alcohol D4  811-98-3
CS-O-10920 Methyl Alcohol D  1455-13-6
CS-T-50737 Chloroform D  865-49-6
CS-O-14867 Ortho-Xylene D10  56004-61-6
CS-T-53699 Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6  2206-27-1
CS-T-62117 Toluene D8  2037-26-5
CS-T-46994 Acetone D6  666-52-4