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At Clearsynth we design the customer experience

We understand your products intended end use, critical timelines and the technical challenges you are faced with in the field. With our complete in-house manufacturing, strong quality management systems, and international stocking points, Clearsynth delivers robust reliable communication to troubleshoot and facilitate changes to ensure projects are completed by committed deadlines.

  • Rich inventory of popular compounds
  • Global R&D assistance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dedicated key account managers

100% Money Back

At Clearsynth, we deliver diligence

All orders are facilitated with the utmost care and responsibility. Our products are supported with extensive COA's and services that are at par with ICH guidelines and pharmacopoeias. International packing standards are adhered to for the delivery of all compounds ensuring reduce quantity loss during transit. Our committed responsive team is empowered to track, trace, and find solutions to ensure projects are completed on time.

  • Money back in 7 business days if you are unsatisfied, experience payment failure, or disparity as per quotation.
  • Ethical working culture & sustainable supply chain
  • Quality conformity & international standard compliance

Purchase protection

With Clearsynth, you can be rest assured your purchase will be protected

  • User friendly interface
  • Local currency payment option
  • Hassle free payment methods

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