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Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy has its goal in 'Superior Customer Delight' with global standards in every aspect of its Business Process, and the rapid internationalization of the Company's business. This involves all aspects of the business like, its processes, people, sales, business-level standards, research and development activities etc.

Our Vision of the company as a global integrated Services Company in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals; move beyond local and regional boundaries and expand business operations internationally. Our recent association with various organizations in different parts of the world, are the most visible signs of the strategy.

Our strategic intent is to strengthen our existing Global Market base, and internationalize our overall business activities, particularly in Western European, US and other well-regulated markets, while maintaining our current lead position locally.

Our dynamic growth will be a result of our effective investment in research and development services, through integration and targeted Business Associations with developed markets, with the aim of expansion and sharing of our knowledge base, by creating value in the Business process.

These ambitious goals will be further achieved through our commitment towards our services, further development and nurturing of our committed staff expertise with future leadership, and creation of a conducive work environment fostering innovation and creativity.

Community Development

CLEARSYNTH is firmly committed to its Social Responsibility Process (SRP) and considers Human and Social Development as an integral part of its working process, aiming to make a difference in people's lives. We believe that it is a 'continuous' process and not just a program.

Our Company delivers the SRP with unstilted support - a motivational factor of higher-end Human needs of every individual, to make them aware that they are part of an effort that is intended to create a positive difference in the lives of the under-privileged.

CLEARSYNTH sees itself as a Catalyst of change, which will foster, develop and promote initiatives at the individual, group and organization levels that attempt sustainable development of surroundings by individuals, groups and the society at large.


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