Facilities at Clearsynth

Technology Based Research Driven Company

Clearsynth is a technology based, research driven enterprise with the World's Largest Inventory of Reference Standards & Research Chemicals. With state of the art innovative R&D hub in Hyderabad (India) & Mississauga (Canada) and administrative Head Office at Mumbai (India) and Hungary sales office (Europe), Clearsynth is well qualified & positioned to meet the growing demands and challenges in both developed and emerging markets.

Overview of our World class facilities


The cGMP compliant R&D facility based at Hyderabad is operational since 2010..

R&D Centre

The New State of the art R&D center in Canada in the forefront of Clearsynth efforts for a successful entry into the advanced regulated markets.

Global Stock points

With 3 global strategic stock points, we are equipped to deliver anywhere in the world .

HI-Tech Corporate Office

Corporate office acts as a central processing division with over 100 people working constantly with high end process to address new age customers .

Clearsynth Facilities

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