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Waste materials and any surplus or old reagents must be treated according to the relevant regulations.


The Reagents supplied by Clearsynth, except those with specific descriptions, such as food colors approved by the Food Sanitation Law (product grade FC in our catalogue) and known bulk pharmaceuticals, are intended to be used for research and development. They cannot be used to produce pharmaceuticals, quasi drugs, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, insecticides or food additives. Under no circumstance are they intended for use in the home. When improper use is suspected, Clearsynth reserves the right to refuse to supply any product, as is also dictated by law, and takes no responsibility for any improper use.

Our reagents may contain items regulated by local laws; for example TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) or the New Chemical Substance law. Please contact your local Clearsynth office or distributor, or your local regulatory office, for more details.

When controlled substances are sold or purchased for testing and experimental purposes, details of the buyer's appropriate license or qualification, or a predetermined procedure based on the related regulations, may be required.

Clearsynth does not guarantee that a new chemical substance manufactured by using our reagents, or that using our reagents in combination with other products, or using them in certain procedures does not infringe on any patents of Japan or foreign countries. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that no patents are infringed.


We use packaging components which permit easy and safe handling, while protecting the integrity of the products. Liquid products, including NMR Solvents, are sealed in ampoules or are packaged in screw-cap bottles, when appropriate. Multi-dose septum vials are used for selected products. Solids are generally packaged in screw-cap bottles. Gases are routinely packaged in carbon-steel lecture bottles.

Corrosive Gases

The cylinder is fitted with a CGA 180 aluminum-silicon-bronze valve. There is a $150.00 charge for the cylinder and valve. Certain other products are packaged in cylinders due to shipping regulations.Smaller quantities of gases, such as 0.05 L, 0.1 L, 0.25 L and 0.5 L, can be packaged in break seal glass flasks, upon request. The charge for a break seal flask is $95.00.Lecture bottles are sold outright with the product and are non-refundable

Non-Corrosive Gases

The cylinder is fitted with a CGA 170 brass valve. There is a $90.00 charge for the cylinder and valve.