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Our products and services are distinguished by their sophisticated use of technology in a cost-effective, simple to use format.

CLEARSYNTH efforts focus from the pre-clinical stage through to phase III and to the successful technology transfer to manufacturing locations throughout the world.

Our Analytical Services team consists of highly skilled scientists with expertise in modern analytical techniques, supported by state-of-the-art instruments. This team has extensive experience in developing, optimizing and validating methods. Our reliable analytical methods and techniques ensure that the quality of the products that we have produced is of the highest standards.

Catnumber Casnumber Compound Parent Chemical
CS-EB-00345 1634-04-4 tert-Butylmethyl ether (F0E192)
CS-EB-01043 142-82-5 Heptane (R052R0) Heptane
CS-EB-01797 67-63-0 2-Propanol (R048P0) Propanol
CS-O-32513 67-64-1 Acetone HPLC
CS-T-64376 75-05-8 Acetonitrile
CS-T-72673 67-66-3 Chloroform (Stabilized with ~1% Ethanol)
CS-T-09188 71-36-3 1-Butanol
CS-O-13395 75-09-2 Dichloromethane
CS-O-30667 67-56-1 Methanol
CS-CG-00125 109-69-3 1-Chlorobutane
CS-CQ-00015 NA Ethyl Methoxy Crylene
CS-T-25953 142-82-5 n-Heptane
CS-T-00304 67-64-1 Acetone
CS-BX-00141 76656-36-5 Benzophenone-9
CS-BX-00142 92761-26-7 Ecamsule
CS-BX-00144 2174-16-5 Trolamine salicylate
CS-BX-00183 93-29-8 Isoeugenyl acetate
CS-BX-00189 16409-43-1 (-)-Rose oxide
CS-CQ-00014 5232-99-5 Etocrylene
CS-T-54211 141-78-6 Ethyl Acetate
CS-T-40616 71-23-8 1-Propanol
CS-O-32517 141-78-6 Ethyl acetate HPLC
CS-AZ-00002 123-91-1 1,4-Dioxane
CS-DA-00196 110-82-7 Cyclohexane
CS-O-11776 540-84-1 Iso-octane
CS-O-32519 142-82-5 n-Heptane 99% HPLC
CS-ER-00337 1634-04-4 tert-Butylmethyl ether(Secondary Standards traceble to USP)
CS-O-32520 110-54-3 n-Hexane 95% HPLC
CS-ER-00022 75-05-8 Alcohol Determination--Acetonitrile(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Acetonitrile
CS-T-09780 1634-04-4 tert-Butyl Methyl Ether
CS-O-32497 75-05-8 Acetonitrile ULC-MS
CS-ER-01035 142-82-5 Heptane(Secondary Standards traceble to USP)
CS-O-32507 141-78-6 Ethyl acetate ULC-MS
CS-O-32515 67-66-3 Chloroform stab amylene HPLC
CS-O-32514 75-05-8 Acetonitrile HPLC-S