Asst. Manager

Location: Hyderabad

This role requires overseeing day-to-day operations within the organization, providing direct feedback to staff, managing payroll and personnel databases, interviewing and hiring new staff.

Responsibilities for Assistant Manager
  • Oversee day-to-day operations and work of respective employees

  • Ensure compliance to organizational standards, including safety standards and client or customer communications

  • Monitor and encourage respective employees to achieve and improve organizational goals.

  • Manage reports and personnel documents, including payroll

  • Review and filter applications for potential new hires

  • Assist in interviewing applicants and confer with senior-level management on hiring process

  • Assist managers and other staff with procurement of necessary materials and equipment

  • Create and deliver sales and financial reports on a predetermined schedule

  • Willingness to work extended hours and be on-call for other duties, as needed

Qualifications for Assistant Manager
  • An Associate's degree in business administration or a field related to the industry may be preferred

  • A Bachelor's degree in a field related to the industry may be preferred

  • 1-5 years of experience in the industry or in previous management positions

  • Industry-specific licenses and certificates may be preferred

  • Proven leadership skills with a history of effective management

  • Self-motivated and detail-oriented, with notable experience handling multiple projects and tasks

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a proven ability to positively interact with staff and clients

  • Comfort using common computer operating systems and tools, including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suite programs

Location: Hyderabad

Marketing managers would be required to develop strategic marketing plans for the company and then oversee the implementation and execution of the various efforts associated with the marketing plan.

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to develop and manage marketing programs in specific channels, support business objectives, lead acquisition, foster customer retention, execute business development, provide sales support, and advance brand building.

Responsibilities for Marketing Manager
  • Build marketing programs to support specific marketing objectives across different channels and segments in support of our overall strategic marketing plan

  • Market through various channels and segment databases working with large data sets

  • Develop business cases for marketing programs at the proposal stage and make recommendations on marketing tactics

  • Propose and manage marketing research projects to generate consumer insights in support of improved marketing strategy and communications

  • Partner with creative teams, other internal stakeholders, and external agencies and vendors

  • Work with the other marketing teams, other internal stakeholders, and external agencies and vendors

Qualifications for Marketing Manager
  • Experience building complex marketing programs and reporting on the results

  • Exposure to digital and direct response marketing

  • Competence as a creative writer with an eye for great emails and landing pages

  • Strong project management skills

  • Strong problem-solving ability, including metrics-driven thinking

  • Ability to travel as necessary

  • We're looking for someone with experience in marketing, has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or Business or similar, and is familiar with the following software/tools:

    • SAP

    • Salesforce

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities for CDMO Manager
  • Directly responsible for managing the "Lead Generation" activities and secure a steadily filled pipeline of leads

  • Directly responsible for the sales target achievement within the assigned scope of markets/territories

  • Responsible for detailed and accurate sales forecasting, building pipeline & budgeting for assigned scope of markets/territories

  • Build a network of contacts in markets/territories and effectively leverage it for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities and expand existing business

  • Analyze customer requirements and check suitability of Clearsynth offerings & then pitch for sale

  • Create and deliver powerful presentations, tailoring communication based on client with a view to win the business

  • Represent the company at conferences, trade fairs, networking events and professional meetings for sales achievement, pipeline building and customer relationship building

  • Gather market intelligence on customer organizations and industry activity and share relevant customer knowledge with the organization to ensure the opportunities are addressed

Location: Hyderabad

We are a leading chemical company, with the best teams developing intelligent solutions for our customers and for a sustainable future. Our success as a company relies on the engagement of our employees. We encourage our employees to develop their strengths, and we recognize their achievements. For you, this means a wide variety of job roles, and exciting opportunities for learning and career development.

  • Synthesis and scale-up of small organic molecules / intermediates / active ingredients on given quantities

  • Planning of synthesis including retrosynthesis and literature search

  • Process development & optimization of routes to advanced intermediates/finished products (chemical, physical and preparative).

  • Planning, evaluating & documenting experiments, preparing tech transfer documents such as lab development reports

  • Collaborating with cross functional project teams such as research, analytical, safety etc.

  • Adhering to CLEARSYNTH EHS, HR policies and work practices

Knowledge & Experience
  • Postgraduate (M. Sc.) in organic chemistry with sound theoretical & practical knowledge in organic synthesis

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in the chemical / pharmaceutical / agrochemical industry as a bench chemist.

  • Hands on experience in kilo lab, pilot plant, flow chemistry would be preferred

  • Should possess adequate technical skills required to perform the job.

Location: Hyderabad

Prepare and test samples in all phases of manufacturing or other handling processes and ensure that substance meets the standards or requirements of the project or as required by the Quality Controls Head.

Responsibilities for Inorganic Chemists
  • Execute tests, analysis and experiments under the guidance of the quality control head for chemical products.

  • Prepare and update documents in respect of reporting the results of laboratory work & in respect of Quality Controls.

  • Ensure workplace safety and safe materials handling as appropriate while working with hazardous materials.

  • Prepare products by weighing ingredients and dissolving and diluting substances as per the respective required formulae.

  • Analyse organic and inorganic compounds/products to determine their composition

  • Maintain lab equipment and troubleshoot or report on malfunctions.
  • Ensure compliance with laboratory health and safety guidelines

  • Sterilize equipment and store materials in secure places.

  • Prepare test solutions, compounds, and reagents to conduct tests &/or analysis as per standardized norms & guidelines.

  • Analyze organic and inorganic compounds to determine chemical and physical properties, composition, structure, relationships, and reactions, utilizing chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrophotometry or other such techniques or processes as directed by the Quality Control Head.

  • Compile test information and results to determine process or equipment operating efficiency and to diagnose malfunctions.

  • Ensure that the final product meets quality and customer specifications.

  • Ensure that materials & chemicals are labelled properly and used in proper quantities.

  • Maintain adequate stock of materials and chemicals to perform laboratory experiments.

  • To maintain control samples and its record as per procedure and dispose control samples after its expiry.

  • Confer with the Research & Development department & Engineers in the plant to conduct analyses of research projects or interpretation of test results and support routine maintenance.

  • Direct, coordinate, and advise personnel in test procedures for analyzing components and physical properties of materials.

  • Calibration of the instruments as per calibration schedule and maintain calibration status/record of each instrument.

  • Analysis of waste stream samples received from ETP and maintain its record.

  • Responsible for minor equipment and instrument troubleshooting.

  • Adapt, maintain and operate analytical instrumentation properly and solve the troubleshooting.

  • Involve in procedure review and propose modifications and updates.

  • Carry out random weekly audit of plant warehouse for quality conformities

  • Monthly report preparation for discussion with stakeholders in respect of failures and corresponding necessary action.