We bring amazing people together
to make amazing things happen.

We are a diverse organization operating from 3 Global locations collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our products and practices to help people do what they love in new ways. That innovation is inspired by a shared commitment to great work - and to each other. Because learning from the people here means we're learning from the best.

Come and work where sentences start with "What if...?"

Everyone here is an innovator, or an innovator-to-be. That's how we create the kinds of experiences that few ever imagine. For example, scientists here developed frameworks that have transformed the speed and accuracy of medical research. Our front-end team revolutionised the industry by reinventing the entire customer experience. And each day at lunch, the environment in our café reminds us that innovation comes from everyone in every role at Clearsynth.

"We want every Clearite to grow exponentially and we shall always back them to achieve their goals with the help of technology and innovation."

Vijay Kumar Ambati
CEO & President, Clearsynth

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  • Refer and Earn

    At Clearsynth we believe referrals are one of the best modes to recruit new hires as the employees are completely familiar with the organizational culture and values, they can suggest what best suits. Referral schemes help us invest more on our own employees helping us improve time, cost & quality of hire and in turn motivating employees as they earn additional incentive. We offer lucrative incentives for referring full -time candidates who get hired with us.

  • Setting up a norm of "Workplace Flexibility"

    At Clearsynth we intend to let our employees have a good work life balance.
    It's all about contributing & providing flexibility to the routine requirements of an employee, not just the physical hours worked. Time off for appointments, early leaving for family needs, flexible timings help in bringing loyalty and satisfaction in employees.

  • Opportunities to GROW internally.

    For employees craving to learn and grow faster, we also provide cross functional team promotions to help them meet their career goals.
    At Clearsynth we provide Internal work transfers to those who deserves, it is an exercise performed to enable the employees gain wider and broader experience and face new challenges.
    This helps in harnessing the employee potential and bringing out the best in them.

  • Health & Well-Being

    We offer Clearites health insurance covering their family as we truly believe that investing in the well-being of our employees & their families helps us nurture a more productive culture.

  • Knowledge Sessions

    Regular routine or work pressure brings us to a saturation level and a few hours of activity or knowledge gaining sessions act as a boosting factor and rejuvenates us to perform at the best of our ability in our respective jobs. At Clearsynth we organize various knowledge sessions. We have eminent speakers coming from different industries sharing their experience and knowledge with us. It covers broad spectrum as diverse as Financial planning to handling emergencies like Fire or CPR training, etc.

Share an idea and watch it grow.

Every new product, service or feature we invent is the result of people working together to make each other's ideas stronger. That happens here because every one of us strives towards a common goal - creating the best in chemistry. Our systems are driven by world class technology and we offer some of the most amazing perks in the industry.


Scientists and specialists collaborating solely on inspiring research.

Join a company with business practices as innovative as its products.

For every compound we create, we consider the impact it will make — on our customers research, on our people, and on our planet. Which is why we go deep into our supply chain to help safeguard the human rights of the people who make our products. We invest in self learning programs so that people everywhere have the opportunity to realize their potential. And we lead the industry with efforts to reduce our impact on climate change, find ways to use greener materials, and conserve the Earth’s valuable resources.

"At Clearsynth, we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. The same innovation that goes into making our research, drives our work to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges."

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Discover even more benefits of doing what you love.

Clearsynth's most important resource, our soul, is our people. Clearsynth benefits help further the well-being of our employees and their families in meaningful ways. No matter where you work at Clearsynth, you can take advantage of our health and wellness resources and time-away programs. You'll discover many more benefits of working at Clearsynth, such as programs that match your charitable contributions, reimburse you for continuing your education, and much more.

Join a worldwide company that
reflects the whole wide world.

Our customers are all over the world, so it's by design that Clearsynth employees are all over the world, too. And we know our ability to continue creating the world's most innovative products depends on people who represent the variety of the human experience and who inspire us with great thinking. Because the wider the perspectives, the bigger the ideas.

"It takes a diverse team of talented individuals to do extraordinary work. That's why Clearsynth welcomes you for who you are and who you want to become."

Get discovered. Introduce yourself, and we'll get in touch if
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