Compound Name : Monactin
CAT No. : CS-CM-00127
CAS No. : 7182-54-9
Category : Metabolites
Molecular Weight : 750.95
Molecular Formula : C41H66O12
Long Term Storage :
HS Code : 29400000
Product Application Notes : Monactin is a member of the macrotetrolide complex produced by a range of Streptomyces species. Monactin has not previously been available for intensive investigation. Early literature reported that the related dinactin is a monovalent cation ionophore with high selectivity for ammonium and potassium. Monactin inhibits T-cell proliferation induced by IL-2 and cytokine production at nanomolar levels for IL-2, IL-4, IL-5 and IFN.Effects of cyclosporin A and dinactin on T-cell proliferation, interleukin-5 production, and murine pulmonary inflammation.
Synonyms : (1R,2R,5R,7R,10S,11S,14S,16S,19R,20R,23R,25R,28S,29S,32S,34S)-5-ethyl-2,11,14,20,23,29,32-heptamethyl- 4,13,22,31,37,38,39,40- octaoxapentacyclo[,.16,.15,8]tetracontane- 3,12,21,30-tetrone  | Worldwide Helpline No. +1-415-685-4395 |
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