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Catalog # Structure Compound CAS # Category
CS-EB-00171 Argatroban Related Compound A (F0M521) 74874-10-5 USP Standards
CS-EB-00172 Argatroban Related Compound B (F0M536) NA USP Standards
CS-EB-00173 Argatroban Related Compound C (F0M483) NA USP Standards
CS-T-37315 N-Nitro-1,2,3,4-tetradehydro Argatroban 74874-10-5 Intermediates
CS-CX-00129 Argatroban monohydrate 141396-28-3 API Standards
CS-P-07178 Argatroban (L,2R,4S)-Isomer 189264-04-8 Impurities
CS-P-07179 Argatroban Impurity B 188659-43-0 Impurities
CS-P-07180 Argatroban Impurity 4 153886-68-1 Impurities
CS-P-07181 Argatroban Impurity 6 94975-84-5 Impurities
CS-P-07182 Argatroban Related Impurity 2 189264-02-6 Impurities
CS-O-31292 Ethyl (2R,4R)-1-[2-amino-5-[[imino(nitroamino)methyl]amino]-1--oxopentyl]-4-methyl-2-piperidine carboxylate hydrochloride 74874-08-1 Intermediates
CS-O-31293 (2R,4R)-1-[(2S)-5-[[Imino(nitroamino)methyl]amino]-2-[[(3-methyl-8-quinolinyl)sulfonyl]amino]-1-oxopentyl]- 4-methyl-2-piperidinecarboxylic acidethyl ester 74874-09-2 Intermediates
CS-ER-00165 Argatroban Related Compound C(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) NA Secondary Standards traceble to USP
CS-O-31618 N-Nitro-1,2,3,4-tetradehydro Argatroban Ethyl Ester 74874-09-2 Intermediates
CS-T-04129 Argatroban 74863-84-6 API Standards
CS-T-04131 (2S,4S)-Argatroban 189264-03-7 Impurities
CS-ER-00159 Argatroban Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) 74874-10-5 Secondary Standards traceble to USP
CS-ER-00160 Argatroban Related Compound B(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) NA Secondary Standards traceble to USP