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Catnumber Casnumber Compound Category Pricing
CS-EB-00772 NA Enrofloxacin Related Compound Mixture (F0H395) USP Standards Show Price
CS-O-01422 93106-60-6 Enrofloxacin Show Price
CS-O-16171 138892-82-7 Enrofloxacin EP Impurity C Impurities Show Price
CS-W-00316 1173021-92-5 (Free Base) Enrofloxacin D5 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-T-14608 131775-99-0 Decarboxy Enrofloxacin Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16158 1219795-24-0 Enrofloxacin D5 Hydroiodide Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-ER-00764 NA Enrofloxacin Related Compound Mixture(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards traceble to USP Show Price
CS-EO-00158 1369495-59-9 Enrofloxacin EP Impurity E Impurities Show Price