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Catnumber Casnumber Compound Category Pricing
CS-EB-01065 630-56-8 Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate (R058T0) USP Standards Show Price
CS-EB-01275 NA Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Related Compound A (F1C427) USP Standards Show Price
CS-EB-01276 520-85-4 Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Related Compound B (F036J0) USP Standards Show Price
CS-EB-01782 1162-56-7 Progesterone Related Compound H (F083Q0) USP Standards Show Price
CS-O-16597 17652-16-3 Progesterone EP Impurity K Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16598 NA Progesterone EP Impurity L Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16594 NA Progesterone EP Impurity G Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16595 24254-01-1 Progesterone EP Impurity I Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16596 1162-54-5 Progesterone EP Impurity J Impurities Show Price
CS-O-31514 220332-82-1 13beta-ethyl-17beta-hydroxy-11-methylene-gon-4-ene-3-one Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16593 5035-09-6 Progesterone EP Impurity D Impurities Show Price
CS-O-16087 425-51-4 (Unlabeled) 6,7-Dehydro-17α-acetoxy Progesterone D6 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-T-62880 6677-15-2 Hydroxyprogesterone Impurity B Impurities Show Price
CS-T-18985 145-15-3 20-β-Dihydroprogesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-BE-00016 327048-87-3 Progesterone 13C3 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-T-50465 2658-74-4 6-β-Chloro-17-acetoxy Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-T-50541 2477-73-8 6a-Chloro-17-acetoxy Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-T-51642 25092-42-6 17-Hydroxy-11--methyl-19-norprogesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-O-08020 64-85-7 21-hydroxyprogesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-O-06886 15775-74-3 Progesterone D9 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-O-06750 162462-69-3 Medroxyprogesterone D3 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-O-11665 630-56-8 Hydroxyprogesterone Impurity C Impurities Show Price
CS-O-14945 64-85-7 Unlabeled 21-hydroxyprogesterone D4 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-O-10309 68-96-2 17-a-Hydroxy Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-30380 516-15-4 11-Ketoprogesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-O-13073 2243-08-5 6-Keto Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-R-00130 1356154-92-1 17α-Hydroxyprogesterone 13C3 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-T-53084 128-23-4 5--Dihydro Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-53126 5062-62-4 20-Dihydroprogesterone Acetate Drug Intermediates Show Price
CS-T-33768 32634-95-0 Medroxyprogesterone EP Impurity E Impurities Show Price
CS-T-53261 604-03-5 6β,17a-Dihydroxyprogesterone Drug Intermediates Show Price
CS-O-10868 57-83-0 Progesterone Show Price
CS-T-40472 145-14-2 4-Pregnen-20a-ol-3-one Metabolites Show Price
CS-O-14946 64-85-7 Unlabeled 21-hydroxyprogesterone 13C3 Stable Isotopes Show Price
CS-O-16245 560-10-1 Hydroxyprogesterone Impurity E Impurities Show Price
CS-T-49764 110053-24-2 9-Bromo-16-α,17-epoxy-11-β-hydroxyprogesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-56375 604-19-3 6-β-Hydroxy Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-56332 600-72-6 15--Hydroxy Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-56374 604-20-6 6a-Hydroxy Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-T-56384 80-75-1 11a-Hydroxy Progesterone Metabolites Show Price
CS-O-30944 302-23-8 Hydroxyprogesterone acetate Impurities Show Price
CS-T-14788 425-51-4 6,7-Dehydro-17a-acetoxy Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33236 1574323-08-2 13beta-ethyl-11-methyliden-gon-5(6)-ene-17-hydroxy-3,3-ethylene oxoketal Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33237 149438-01-7 13beta-ethyl-11-methyliden-gon-5(6)-ene-17-one-3,3-ethylene oxoketal Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33238 946163-53-7 13beta-ethyl-11-methyliden-18,19-dinor-17beta-hydroxy-17alpha-pregn-5-en-20-yn-3,3-ethylene oxoketal Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33239 NA 13beta-ethyl-11-methyliden-18,19-dinor 3-hydroxy-3-ethynyl-pregna-4-ene-17 one Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33240 NA 13beta-ethyl-11-methyliden-18,19-dinor 3,17-dihydroxy-3,17-diethynyl-pregna-4-ene Impurities Show Price
CS-O-33241 NA 13beta-ethyl-11-methylene-18,19-dinor-17beta-pregn-4-en-20-yn-3-one-17-ol Impurities Show Price
CS-O-32645 60966-36-1 21-Hydroxy-20-methylpregn-4-en-3-one Impurities Show Price
CS-O-15193 81201-82-3 Dehydro Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-O-15192 37717-13-8 6-β hydroxy Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-T-08115 15251-04-4 6-Bromo-6-dehydro-17a-acetoxy Progesterone Impurities Show Price
CS-ER-01057 630-56-8 Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards traceble to USP Show Price
CS-ER-01267 NA Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards traceble to USP Show Price
CS-ER-01268 520-85-4 Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Related Compound B(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards traceble to USP Show Price
CS-ER-01774 1162-56-7 Progesterone Related Compound H(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards traceble to USP Show Price
CS-O-33325 1172-82-3 17-(Acetyloxy)-6-methyl-pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione Impurities Show Price