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Amides s

In organic chemistry, an amide, also known as an organic amide or a carboxamide, is a compound with the general formula RC(=O)NR′R″, where R, R', and R″ represent organic groups or hydrogen atoms. The amide group is called a peptide bond when it is part of the main chain of a protein, and an isopeptide bond when it occurs in a side chain, such as in the amino acids asparagine and glutamine. It can be viewed as a derivative of a carboxylic acid (RC(=O)OH) with the hydroxyl group (−OH) replaced by an amine group (−NR′R″); or, equivalently, an acyl (alkanoyl) group (R−C(=O)−) joined to an amine group. Common examples of amides are acetamide (H3C−CONH2), benzamide (C6H5−CONH2), and dimethylformamide (HCON(−CH3)2).
Amides are qualified as primary, secondary, and tertiary according to whether the amine subgroup has the form −NH2, −NHR, or −NRR', where R and R' are groups other than hydrogen.[not verified in body] The core −C(=O)N< of amides is called the amide group (specifically, carboxamide group). Amides are pervasive in nature and technoly.

Proteins and important plastics like Nylons, Aramid, Twaron, and Kevlar are polymers whose units are connected by amide groups (polyamides); these linkages are easily formed, confer structural rigidity, and resist hydrolysis. Amides include many other important biological compounds, as well as many drugs like paracetamol, penicillin and LSD. Low-molecular-weight amides, such as dimethylformamide,

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CS-ER-02320 Acamprosate impurity A(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Amides
CS-EB-00020 Acetaminophen Related Compound D (R01300) Amides
CS-O-00902 Acetanilide Amides
CS-EB-00023 Acetanilide Melting Point Standard (1004001) Amides
CS-T-47300 Acetyl Isoniazid Amides
CS-O-11588 Allylamine Amides
CS-EP-00067 Allylamine pure Amides
CS-T-01852 Aminoacetaldehyde Diethyl Acetal Amides
CS-T-55426 Aminoacetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal Amides
CS-M-58064 Aminoacetonitrile hydrochloride Amides
CS-O-32293 Aminoacetonitrile hydrosulfate Amides
CS-ZE-24901 Aminoguanidine (hydrochloride) Amides
CS-T-02831 Aminomalonamide Amides
CS-AC-04746 Aminomethanesulfonic acid Amides
CS-T-03906 Aniline Amides
CS-T-03906-25GM Aniline Amides
CS-T-03906-10GM Aniline Amides
CS-T-03906-5GM Aniline Amides
CS-T-03906-1GM Aniline Amides
CS-EB-00151 Aniline (F036F0) Amides
CS-O-13067 Aniline Hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-04054 Aprindine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-ER-02447 Bendroflumethiazide impurity A(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Amides
CS-T-04964 Benzamide Amides
CS-T-17050 Benzathine Amides
CS-T-48647 Benzhydrylamine Amides
CS-ZH-06426 Benzhydrylamine hydrochloride Amides
CS-BX-00904 Benzidine dihydrochloride Amides
CS-EB-00255 Benzothiadiazine Related Compound A Amides
CS-CG-00030 Benzylammonium chloride Amides
CS-T-48867 Benzyldimethylamine Amides
CS-P-00711 Besifloxacin Impurity G Amides
CS-M-05865 Bis-(4-methoxybenzyl)-amine Amides
CS-O-15681 Bis(dimethylamino)methane Amides
CS-DA-00022 Bis(tetramethylene)fluoroformamidinium hexafluorophosphate Amides
CS-T-68533 Borane Dimethylamine Complex Amides
CS-T-67352 Borane Triethylamine Complex Amides
CS-CD-00130 Bromosalicylamide Amides
CS-EG-00221 Bupivacaine impurity F (Y0001575) Amides
CS-ER-02507 Bupivacaine impurity F(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Amides
CS-EL-05235 butyl(phenylsulfonyl)amine Amides
CS-ER-00376 Caprolactam(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-T-10244 Carbamyl Benzyl Ester Amides
CS-T-50392 Carphedone Amides
CS-AG-00002 Chloroethylamine HCl Amides
CS-T-11183 Chlorpropamide EP Impurity A Amides
CS-O-07624 Cinacalcet Impurity A Amides
CS-DL-00972 cis-3-Amino-cyclobutanecarboxylic acid Amides
CS-O-32184 Cisatracurium Oxalate Amides
CS-T-37885 Clavulanic Acid EP Impurity K Amides
CS-T-49277 Clavulanic Acid EP Impurity M Amides
CS-CD-00159 Cobaltous sulfamate hydrate Amides
CS-T-13743 Cyclohexylamine Amides
CS-M-58188 Cyclopropanecarboxamide Amides
CS-M-41352 Cyclopropanesulfonamide Amides
CS-T-14366 Dansyl Acid Amides
CS-CD-00172 Dehydrothio-p-toluidine-3-monosulfonic acid Amides
CS-DB-00059 Dicyclohexylamine Amides
CS-T-18063 Diethylamine Amides
CS-T-18066 Diethylamine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-18109 Diethylammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate Amides
CS-T-89991 Diethylenetriamine Amides
CO-K-00020 Diisobutylamine Amides
CS-T-94627 Di-n-butylethylamine Amides
CS-T-20568 Diphenylamine Amides
CS-DK-00109 DIPSO Sodium salt Amides
CS-T-53910 Diurethane Dimethacrylate (Isomers) Amides
CS-T-50239 e-Caprolactam Amides
CS-DK-00276 EDTA diammonium salt hydrate Amides
CS-EM-00899 endo-3-(boc-amino)-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane Amides
CS-T-59075 ent NAP 226-90 Amides
CS-AD-00680 Erucamide Amides
CS-T-22297 Ethopabate Amides
CS-ED-01790 ethyl (Z)-2-chloro-2-(2-(4-methoxyphenyl)hydrazineylidene)acetate Amides
CS-O-16641 Ethyl 2-(trans-4-aminocyclohexyl)acetate hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-75350 Ethyl 3-amino-3-thioxopropanoate Amides
CS-CE-00643 Ethyl 3-aminobenzoate methanesulphonate salt Amides
CS-T-22462 Ethylamine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-BQ-00031 Ethylamine, 70% aqueous solution Amides
CS-C-00896 Ethylene Diamine Dihydrochloride Amides
CS-DA-00279 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid dipotassium salt dihydrate Amides
CS-ZH-01781 Ethylhydrazine Amides
CS-MM-52339 Ethylhydrazine hydrochloride Amides
CS-O-30590 Flunixin Amides
CS-T-24628 Formamide Amides
CS-O-07843 Furosemide EP impurity B Amides
CS-T-11856 Glibenclamide EP Impurity A Amides
CS-O-13327 Glibenclamide EP Impurity A Amides
CS-T-79673 Heptafluorobutyramide Amides
CS-BX-00824 Hexamethylenediamine Amides
CS-T-26380 Homotaurine Amides
CS-O-31114 Hydrochlorothiazide EP Impurity B Amides
CS-T-29683 Isobutanamidoxime Amides
CS-BX-00016 Isobutylamine Amides
CS-M-53076 Isobutyramide Amides
CS-T-29816 Isophorone Diamine Amides
CS-T-29867 Isopropylamine Amides
CS-U-00149 L-(+)-Tartaric acid diallylamide Amides
CS-EL-00074 Lapatinib ditosylate monohydrate Amides
CS-O-30636 Lasamide Amides
CS-ER-01178 Levmetamfetamine CII(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-T-19784 Lidocaine impurity A Amides
CS-T-61276 L-Serine -β-Lactone Tosylate Amides
CS-T-31487 Malonamide Amides
CS-T-81150 Meglumine Diatrizoate Amides
CS-EB-01290 Melatonin Related Compound A (R071F0) Amides
CS-ER-01282 Melatonin Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-O-14084 Mesalazine EP Impurity O Amides
CS-T-19742 Metformin EP impurity F (2M in THF) Amides
CS-ER-02950 Metformin Impurity F (Secondary standard) Amides
CS-EG-01065 Metformin impurity F (Y0001600) Amides
CS-T-18579 Metformin Impurity F Hydrochloride Amides
CS-M-26234 Methyl 2-(aminosulfonyl)benzoate Amides
CS-T-32095 Methylamine HCl Amides
CS-M-57602 Methylaminoacetonitrile hydrochloride Amides
CS-U-00121 Methyl-di-n-octylamine Amides
CS-T-18088 Metoclopramide EP Impurity E Amides
CS-EO-01283 Mirabegron Impurity 47 Amides
CS-M-33480 Mitomycin EP Impurity A Amides
CS-T-58879 MLN 4924 Amides
CS-O-01914 Morniflumate Amides
CS-BX-00976 m-Xylylenediamine Amides
CS-T-66352 N-​(3-​Aminopropyl)​-​n-​dodecylpropane-​1,​3-​diamine Amides
CS-CE-00634 N-(2-Acetamido)-2-aminoethanesulphonic acid Amides
CS-Q-01863 N-(2-aminoethyl)-N-isopropylamine Amides
CS-M-25853 N-(2-Aminophenyl)acetamide Amides
CS-T-13626 N-(2-Cyanoethyl)-N-ethylamine Amides
CS-M-14107 N-(3-Aminophenyl)acetamide Amides
CS-M-20485 N-(4-Fluorophenyl)-N-methylamine Amides
CS-ZG-96548 N-(Acetoacetyl)anthranilic acid Amides
CS-T-47816 N-(Aminoethyl)-5-naphthylamine-1-sulfonic Acid Amides
CS-T-09893 N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric Triamide Amides
CS-T-39646 N-(Phenylmethylene)benzenesulfonamide Amides
CS-M-45978 N-(tert-Butyl)acrylamide Amides
CS-MM-04061 N-(tert-Butyl)-N-ethylamine Amides
CS-DE-01502 N,​N-​Diethyl-​1,​4-​phenylenediamine Sulfate Amides
CS-N-05239 N,​N-​diethyl-​N'-​methylethane-​1,​2-​diamine Amides
CS-M-25968 N,2-Dimethylaniline Amides
CS-DE-01533 N,N Dimethyl-p-toluidine Amides
CS-O-16201 N,N,N,N,N-Pentamethyldiethylenetriamine Amides
CS-ED-00847 N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl-1,3-diaminopropane Amides
CS-T-43965 N,N,N,N-Tetramethylethylenediamine Amides
CS-T-80785 N,N’-Methylenebis(acrylamide) Amides
CS-C-01010 N,N-Bis(2-aminoethyl)-1,3-propanediamine Amides
CS-T-53880 N,N-Diisopropylethylamine Amides
CS-DA-00077 N,N-Dimethylacetamide Amides
CS-MM-79499 N,N-Dimethylacrylamide Amides
CS-O-01997 N,N-Dimethylaniline Amides
CS-ZH-25542 N,N-Dimethylbutylamine Amides
CS-T-20155 N,N-Dimethylethanediamine Amides
CS-MM-56539 N,N-Dimethylethylamine Amides
CS-CZ-00065 N,N-Dimethylformamide Amides
CS-M-58231 N1-(Naphthalen-1-yl)ethane-1,2-diamine dihydrochloride Amides
CS-M-16445 N1-Methyl-1,3-propanediamine Amides
CS-M-16428 N1-Propyl-1,3-propanediamine Amides
CS-T-47400 N-Acetyl-D-talosamine Amides
CS-AC-02865 N-Acetylethylenediamine Amides
CS-AW-00195 N-Acetyl-N-acetoxy-4-chlorobenzenesulfonamide Amides
CS-M-57980 Naphthalene-2-methanamine hydrochloride Amides
CS-ED-00662 Naugard 445 Amides
CS-T-06245 N-Benzyl-4-piperidone Amides
CS-AC-04139 N-Benzyldiethylamine Amides
CS-M-03617 n-Butyl-n-propylamine Amides
CS-M-03223 N-Cyclopropyl-N-(4-piperidinyl)benzenesulfonamide Amides
CS-T-21018 n-Dipropylamine Amides
CS-T-22111 N-Ethyl Maleimide Amides
CS-M-47318 N-Ethyl-2-nitroaniline Amides
CS-T-22494 N-Ethylaniline Amides
CS-O-30703 N-ethyl-D-Glucamine Amides
CS-T-77526 N-Ethylethylenediamine Amides
CS-T-23234 N-Ethyl-m-toluidine Amides
CS-M-23697 N-Ethyl-N-(4-nitrophenyl)amine Amides
CS-T-23169 N-Ethylpropylamine Amides
CS-T-82783 NG 25 Amides
CS-M-23652 N'-Hydroxybenzenecarboximidamide Amides
CS-T-83804 Nintedanib Esylate Amides
CS-T-29882 N-Isopropylaniline Amides
CS-T-56849 N-Isopropylbenzylamine Amides
CS-T-29987 N-Isopropyl-N-methylamine Amides
CS-T-32493 N-Methoxy-N-methylacetamide Amides
CS-DL-00575 N-Methyl-1,2-phenylenediamine Amides
CS-O-31662 N-Methyl-1-Naphthyl methyl amine hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-34882 N-Methyl-1-propanamine Amides
CS-T-34509 N-Methyl-2-nitroaniline Amides
CS-AC-10600 N-Methyl-3-nitroaniline Amides
CS-O-32047 N-Methyl-4-nitroaniline Amides
CS-BX-01036 N-Methyl-4-nitrophenethylamine hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-82415 N-Methylacetamide Amides
CS-EP-00379 N-Methylaniline pure Amides
CS-MM-56544 N-Methylbutylamine Amides
CS-T-82582 N-Methylcaprolactam Amides
CS-R-00702 N-Methyldiethanolamine Amides
CS-M-03686 N-Methyldipropylamine Amides
CS-T-33872 N-Methylformamide Amides
CS-M-57368 N-Methylmethane sulfonamide Amides
CS-T-82128 N-Methyl-p-toluenesulfonamide Amides
CS-T-82367 N-Methylsuccinimide Amides
CS-T-59620 N-Nitrosodiisopropylamine Amides
CS-O-39417 N-Nitrosodiisopropylamine (1mg/ml in MeOH) Amides
CS-O-38662 N-Nitroso-di-isopropylamine 100 µg/mL in Methanol Amides
CS-O-36014 N-Nitrosodimethylamine (200 μg/mL in methanol) Amides
CS-T-59621 N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) Amides
CS-O-39421 N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) 1mg/1ml) Amides
CS-O-34889 N-Nitrosodimethylamine 5MG/ML In Methanol Amides
CS-T-37213 N-Nitroso-di-n-butylamine Amides
CS-O-38659 N-Nitroso-di-n-butylamine 1000 µg/mL in Methanol Amides
CS-T-59625 N-Nitrosodiphenylamine Amides
CS-H-00178 N-Phenyl-m-toluidine Amides
CS-Q-00798 N-propylbutan-2-amine Amides
CS-T-07478 N-t-Boc-2-bromoethylamine Amides
CS-T-68881 N-t-Butyl 6-chloronicotinamide Amides
CS-T-44683 N-Tosylethylenediamine Amides
CS-T-83454 Octadecylamine Amides
CS-AZ-00217 o-Dianisidine Amides
CS-O-15803 Orphenadrine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-CG-00191 o-Tolidine dihydrochloride Amides
CS-O-43766 p-Chloro-b-methylphenylethylamine Amides
CS-DE-01524 Pentaethylenehexamine Amides
CS-M-02897 Perfluorotriethylamine Amides
CS-M-02895 Perfluorotri-n-butylamine Amides
CS-MM-79455 p-Ethylaniline Amides
CS-T-39181 Phenacetin Amides
CS-EB-01646 Phenacetin Melting Point Standard (R066A0) Amides
CS-ER-01638 Phenacetin Melting Point Standard(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-O-41888 Phenyl Carbamate Amides
CS-DU-00128 Polyethylene polyamine Amides
CS-O-11117 Prilocaine EP impurity B Amides
CS-ER-01765 Prilocaine Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-T-40621 Propargylamine Amides
CS-U-00138 Propionamide Amides
CS-ER-02121 p-Toluidine(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-T-85206 Reactive Orange 7 Amides
CS-T-85519 Saclofen Amides
CS-O-02341 Sevelamer Carbonate Amides
CS-T-42434 SNS-314 Mesylate Amides
CS-CE-00797 Spermidine trihydrochloride Amides
CS-ED-00665 Stearamide Amides
CS-T-44856 s-Triaminotrinitrobenzene Amides
CS-EB-02017 Sulbactam Related Compound A (F0M494) Amides
CS-ER-02009 Sulbactam Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-O-13275 Sulbactam Sodium EP Impurity A Amides
CS-CG-00073 Sulfamic acid, 99% (HPLC GRADE) Amides
CS-T-86509 Sulfamide Amides
CS-T-42809 Sulfanilic acid Amides
CS-T-42998 Sulfentrazone Amides
CS-EG-01940 Sulpiride impurity B (S2192000) Amides
CS-O-08208 Sumatriptan Aminophenyl Impurity Amides
CS-ER-01336 Terbinafine Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-BX-01075 tert-Butoxy bis(dimethylamino)methane Amides
CS-M-04938 tert-Butyl 2-(aminomethyl)phenylcarbamate Amides
CS-DL-00331 tert-Butyl 3-oxocyclobutylcarbamate Amides
CS-M-33443 tert-Butyl N-(4-aminobenzyl)carbamate Amides
CS-DV-03750 tert-butyl N-[(1R)-1-[(2R)-oxiran-2-yl]-2-phenylethyl]carbamate Amides
CS-T-09266 tert-Butyl N-[3-(Aminomethyl)benzyl]carbamate Amides
CS-T-09375 tert-butylamine Amides
CS-BP-00043 TES Amides
CS-DK-00107 TES Sodium salt Amides
CS-T-43561 Tetradecanamine Amides
CS-T-44152 Thioacetamide Amides
CS-T-49369 trans-(1R,2R)-N,N'-Bismethyl-1,2-cyclohexanediamine Amides
CS-T-72358 trans-Cinnamamide Amides
CS-O-10189 Tranylcypromine hydrochloride Amides
CS-BQ-00034 Tributylamine Amides
CS-EB-02163 Trientine Hydrochloride (R057X0) Amides
CS-ER-02142 Trientine Hydrochloride(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Amides
CS-ED-01302 Trientine tetrahydrochloride Amides
CS-T-45102 Triethylamine Amides
CS-DB-00130 Triethylamine hydrochloride Amides
CS-M-01947 Triethylamine trihydrofluoride Amides
CS-P-00218 Triethylenetetramine Dihydrochloride Amides
CS-T-87767 Trimethylamine (~25 wt. % solution in methanol) Amides
CS-CG-00210 Trimethylamine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-45579 Trimethylamine N-Oxide Dihydrate Amides
CS-T-62515 Triphenylmethylamine Amides
CS-T-87590 Trypan Blue Amides
CS-U-00100 Z-Ethylenediamine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-87820 Zinc Protoporphyrin Amides
CS-O-39407 2,4,6-Trifluorobenzyl amine Amides
CS-DV-00020 (+/-)-exo-2-aminonorbornane hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-10099 (1R)-(-)-10-Camphorsulfonamide Amides
CS-O-31754 (1R)-(+)-(1-Naphthyl) ethylamine Hydrochloride Amides
CS-T-10100 (1S)-(+)-10-Camphorsulfonamide Amides
CS-T-50228 (1S)-Camphorsultam Amides
CS-M-10571 (2-Chloro-benzyl)-methyl-amine Amides
CS-T-59571 (2-Nitrophenyl)phenylamine Amides
CS-O-15843 (2R,3S)-3-(tert-Butoxycarbonylamino)-1-chloro-2-hydroxy-4-phenylbutane Amides
CS-T-49479 (2S,3R)-3-(tert-Butoxycarbonylamino)-1,2-epoxy-4-phenylbutane Amides
CS-T-03019 (2S,3S)-3-Amino-2-methyl-4-oxoazetidine-1-sulphonic Acid Amides
CS-O-31384 (3-Dimethylamino)propyltriphenylphosphonium bromide Amides
CS-T-37073 (4-Nitrophenyl)phenylamine Amides
CS-Q-00174 (4-tetradecylphenyl)amine Amides
CS-M-03640 (Diethylamino)acetone Amides
CS-M-50482 (DL)-2-Methylpropane-2-sulfinamide Amides
CS-T-86622 (R)-(-)-p-Toluenesulfinamide Amides
CS-T-49108-10GM (R)-[1,1'-Binaphthalene]-2,2'-diamine [(R)-Binam] Amides
CS-T-49108-5GM (R)-[1,1'-Binaphthalene]-2,2'-diamine [(R)-Binam] Amides
CS-T-49108-1GM (R)-[1,1'-Binaphthalene]-2,2'-diamine [(R)-Binam] Amides
CS-T-49108-25GM (R)-[1,1'-Binaphthalene]-2,2'-diamine [(R)-Binam] Amides
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