Anti-Hypertensives reference standards

Clearsynth offers high-purity Anti-Hypertensives reference standards for research and analytical purposes.

All products are shipped with complete documentation (including CoA and MSDS) and accredited to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 17034:2016, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 along with US FDA registration & DSIR recognition.

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CS-O-11093 Acebutolol API Standards
CS-T-46871 Acebutolol D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-CX-00034 Acebutolol D7 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07084 Acebutolol EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-11090 Acebutolol EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07087 Acebutolol EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07088 Acebutolol EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-07089 Acebutolol EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07090 Acebutolol EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-07091 Acebutolol EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-07092 Acebutolol EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-O-07093 Acebutolol EP Impurity J hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-07094 Acebutolol EP Impurity K Impurities
CS-T-46869 Acebutolol Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-01503 Alanine Valsartan Impurities
CS-O-00812 Aliskiren API Standards
CS-O-10994 Aliskiren Hemifumarate API Standards
CS-P-07185 Aliskiren Acid Impurity Sodium Salt Impurities
CS-O-15070 Aliskiren D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-02668 Aliskiren D6 hemifumarate Stable Isotopes
CS-T-47518 Aliskiren Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-00555 Aliskiren Michael Adduct-1 Impurity Impurities
CS-P-00556 Aliskiren Michael Adduct-2 Impurity Impurities
CS-T-01754 Alprenolol Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-15078 Amiloride 15N3 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-EG-00074 Amiloride for peak identification (Y0001902) EP Standards
CS-O-11592 Amiloride Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-31163 Amiloride Hydrochloride EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-EO-00119 Amiloride impurity 1 Impurities
CS-O-16348 Amlodipin EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-10834 amlodipine API Standards
CS-P-07029 Amlodipine Aspartic Acid Impurity Impurities
CS-T-04601 Amlodipine Azido Impurity Impurities
CS-EG-00082 Amlodipine besilate (Y0000049) EP Standards
CS-O-10961 Amlodipine Besylate API Standards
CS-O-02810 Amlodipine D4 Maleate Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07173 Amlodipine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07174 Amlodipine EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07175 Amlodipine EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07176 Amlodipine EP Impurity D Oxalate Salt Impurities
CS-O-07177 Amlodipine EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-P-07032 Amlodipine EP Impurity E Maleate Impurities
CS-O-07178 Amlodipine EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-30465 Amlodipine EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-07180 Amlodipine EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-EG-00086 Amlodipine for peak identification (Y0001067) EP Standards
CS-P-07028 Amlodipine Impurity Impurities
CS-P-07030 Amlodipine Impurity 8 Impurities
CS-EO-00053 Amlodipine Impurity 9 Impurities
CS-EG-00084 Amlodipine impurity B (Y0001069) EP Standards
CS-P-07026 Amlodipine Impurity F Maleate Impurities
CS-EG-00085 Amlodipine impurity G (Y0001070) EP Standards
CS-O-03795 Amlodipine Maleate API Standards
CS-T-93231 Amlodipine Mannitol Adduct Acetate Salt Impurities
CS-P-03118 Amlodipine N-Galactose Impurities
CS-P-03120 Amlodipine N-Lactoside Impurities
CS-T-04679 Azilsartan API Standards
CS-O-10156 Azilsartan D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-02976 Azilsartan D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-AQ-00121 Azilsartan impurity A Impurities
CS-AQ-00122 Azilsartan impurity B Impurities
CS-AQ-00123 Azilsartan impurity C Impurities
CS-AQ-00124 Azilsartan impurity D Impurities
CS-AQ-00125 Azilsartan impurity E Impurities
CS-AQ-00126 Azilsartan impurity F Impurities
CS-AQ-00127 Azilsartan impurity G Impurities
CS-AQ-00128 Azilsartan impurity H Impurities
CS-AQ-00129 Azilsartan impurity I Impurities
CS-AQ-00130 Azilsartan impurity J Impurities
CS-T-15855 Azilsartan impurity K Impurities
CS-T-47889 Azilsartan impurity L Impurities
CS-AQ-00133 Azilsartan impurity M Impurities
CS-AQ-00134 Azilsartan impurity N Impurities
CS-AQ-00135 Azilsartan impurity O Impurities
CS-AQ-00136 Azilsartan impurity P Impurities
CS-O-00914 Azilsartan medoxomil API Standards
CS-O-16101 Azilsartan Medoxomil potassium API Standards
CS-Y-00113 Benazepril Acyl-β-D-glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-O-06437 Benazepril D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-48570 Benazepril Ethyl Ester Intermediates
CS-O-30869 Benazepril Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-CX-00157 Benazepril hydrochloride D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-50006 Benazepril Related Compound F Intermediates
CS-T-48572 Benazepril tert-Butyl Ester Intermediates
CS-T-48562 Benazepril tert-Butyl Ester D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-62878 Benazepril USP Related Compound E Impurities
CS-O-10142 Benazeprilat API Standards
CS-O-06436 Benazeprilat D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-04916 Bendroflumethiazide API Standards
CS-O-06439 Bendroflumethiazide D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-CX-00565 Bendroflumethiazide D7 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-00670 Bendroflumethiazide o-isomer Impurities
CS-T-05674 Benzylhydrochlorothiazide Fine Chemicals
CS-T-48585 Bis(O-ethylbenzylamine) Catechol Dihydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-00527 Bisoprolol API Standards
CS-O-07371 Bisoprolol Alcohol Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07372 Bisoprolol Carboxylic Acid Impurity Impurities
CS-O-02642 Bisoprolol D5 Fumarate Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14432 Bisoprolol D7 Hemifumarate Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07373 Bisoprolol EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07374 Bisoprolol EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-P-07244 Bisoprolol EP Impurity B Hemifumarate (Bisoprolol n-Propyl Derivative Hemifumarate) Impurities
CS-O-07375 Bisoprolol EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07376 Bisoprolol EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07378 Bisoprolol EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07382 Bisoprolol EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-07379 Bisoprolol EP Impurity J Impurities
CS-O-07383 Bisoprolol EP Impurity L Impurities
CS-O-07384 Bisoprolol EP Impurity M Impurities
CS-O-07385 Bisoprolol EP Impurity N Impurities
CS-O-07386 Bisoprolol EP Impurity Q Impurities
CS-O-07381 Bisoprolol EP Impurity R Impurities
CS-P-07245 Bisoprolol EP Impurity T Impurities
CS-P-07246 Bisoprolol EP Impurity U Impurities
CS-T-30287 Bisoprolol Ester Impurity Impurities
CS-EG-00198 Bisoprolol for peak identification (Y0000877) EP Standards
CS-EG-00199 Bisoprolol for system suitability (Y0000813) EP Standards
CS-M-34855 Bisoprolol fumarate API Standards
CS-EG-00197 Bisoprolol fumarate (Y0000812) EP Standards
CS-P-00048 Bisoprolol Impurity Impurities
CS-P-00061 Bisoprolol Phenol Impurity Impurities
CS-O-00982 Bumetanide API Standards
CS-T-09106 Bumetanide Butyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-02974 Bumetanide D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-15727 Bumetanide EP impurity B Impurities
CS-O-15614 Bumetanide EP impurity D Impurities
CS-EO-00110 Bumetanide impurity 2 Impurities
CS-T-93320 Bumetanide Lactose Adduct Impurity Impurities
CS-T-49958 Bumetanide-β-D-Glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-O-01145 Candesartan API Standards
CS-T-70098 Candesartan Acyl-Glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-O-07473 Candesartan Benzimidazole Methoxy Methyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-07475 Candesartan Bromo N2-Trityl Impurity Impurities
CS-O-00538 Candesartan cilexetil API Standards
CS-T-50236 Candesartan Cilexetil D11 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07477 Candesartan Cilexetil Desethyl N1-Trityl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07478 Candesartan Cilexetil Desethyl N2-Trityl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07479 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-11779 Candesartan Cilexetil EP impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07481 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-T-15719 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07483 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-07484 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07486 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-07487 Candesartan Cilexetil EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-EG-00244 Candesartan cilexetil for peak identification (Y0001387) EP Standards
CS-EG-00245 Candesartan cilexetil for system suitability (Y0001389) EP Standards
CS-T-10142 Candesartan Cilexetil Methoxy Analogue Impurities
CS-O-07489 Candesartan Cilexetil N1-Trityl Methoxy Analog Impurities
CS-O-07491 Candesartan Cilexetil N2-Trityl Methoxy Analog Impurities
CS-O-06458 Candesartan D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07492 Candesartan Desethyl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07493 Candesartan Ethyl Ester Desethyl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07494 Candesartan Ethyl Ester Desethyl N1-Cilexetil Analog Impurities
CS-O-07495 Candesartan Ethyl Ester Desethyl N2-Cilexetil Analog Impurities
CS-O-07496 Candesartan Ethyl Ester N1-Cilexetil Analog Impurities
CS-O-07498 Candesartan Ethyl Ester N2-Cilexetil Analog Impurities
CS-O-07501 Candesartan Methyl Ester Desethyl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07502 Candesartan Methyl Ester N1-Trityl Analog Impurities
CS-O-07503 Candesartan Methyl Ester N1-Trityl Methoxy Analog Impurities
CS-O-07506 Candesartan N1-Trityl Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07507 Candesartan N1-Trityl Methoxy Analog Impurities
CS-O-07508 Candesartan N2-Ethyl Impurity Impurities
CS-T-50237 Candesartan N2-Glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-O-07510 Candesartan N2-Trityl Methoxy Analog Impurities
CS-T-13960 Candesartan Nitro impurity Impurities
CS-O-00861 Candesartan-d5 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-01051 Captopril API Standards
CS-O-07517 Captopril Acid Amine Salt Impurities
CS-O-07518 Captopril EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07519 Captopril EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07521 Captopril EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07522 Captopril EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-07523 Captopril EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07524 Captopril EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-P-07438 Captopril EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-EO-00111 Captopril EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-O-07525 Captopril EP Impurity J Impurities
CS-EO-00112 Captopril EP Impurity L Impurities
CS-EO-00113 Captopril EP Impurity M Impurities
CS-EO-00114 Captopril EP Impurity O Impurities
CS-O-07526 Captopril Ethyl Ester Impurities
CS-EG-00256 Captopril for system suitability (Y0001182) EP Standards
CS-EG-00251 Captopril impurity B (Y0001219) EP Standards
CS-EG-00252 Captopril impurity C (Y0001220) EP Standards
CS-EG-00253 Captopril impurity D (Y0001221) EP Standards
CS-EG-00255 Captopril impurity J (Y0001450) EP Standards
CS-P-07437 Captopril Impurity N Impurities
CS-Y-00038 Captopril-d3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-07551 Carvedilol API Standards
CS-T-71269 Carvedilol Bis(N-benzylalkylpyrocatechol) Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07543 Carvedilol carbazole impurity Impurities
CS-O-13510 Carvedilol Carbonyl Impurity Impurities
CS-T-50399 Carvedilol D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-00801 Carvedilol D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-13524 Carvedilol Dimer Impurities
CS-O-07544 Carvedilol EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07545 Carvedilol EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07547 Carvedilol EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-14108 Carvedilol Epoxide Impurity Impurities
CS-EG-00274 Carvedilol for system suitability (Y0001426) EP Standards
CS-P-02377 Carvedilol Impurity 6 Impurities
CS-P-02376 Carvedilol Impurity 7 Impurities
CS-O-07546 Carvedilol Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-16316 Carvedilol Impurity D HCl salt Impurities
CS-T-70686 Carvedilol Monoalkylpyrocatechol Impurity Impurities
CS-O-06204 Carvedilol phosphate API Standards
CS-O-31213 Carvedilol Related Compound E Impurities
CS-T-70069 Carvedilol Tetra(alkylpyrocatechol) Impurity Impurities
CS-O-06468 Carvedilol-D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-05689 Carvedilol-β-D-glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-O-13569 Chlorophtalimidine Impurities
CS-EG-00323 Chlorothiazide (C1700000) EP Standards
CS-T-51004 Chlorothiazide 13C,15N2 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-00496 Chlorthalidone API Standards
CS-O-06484 Chlorthalidone D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-13529 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-03413 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-13530 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-13531 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-13532 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-13533 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-31091 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-13534 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-13535 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-T-51127 Cilazapril API Standards
CS-O-11089 Cilazapril EP impurity D Impurities
CS-T-51128 Cilazaprilat Intermediates
CS-O-30551 Cilnidipine API Standards
CS-O-33362 Cilnidipine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-93233 Cilnidipine-d3 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-08169 Cilnidipine-d7 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-15099 Cis-4,5-dichloro-4,5-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-one Impurities
CS-P-08080 cis-Clevidipine Impurity 13 Impurities
CS-O-16719 Clevidipine 13CD3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-01224 Clevidipine Butyrate API Standards
CS-P-00383 Clevidipine D7 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-03868 Clevidipine Impurity 10 Impurities
CS-P-03869 Clevidipine Impurity 11 Impurities
CS-P-03870 Clevidipine Impurity 12 Impurities
CS-P-07577 Clevidipine Impurity 13 Impurities
CS-P-03871 Clevidipine Impurity 14 Impurities
CS-P-03872 Clevidipine Impurity 15 Impurities
CS-P-08081 Clevidipine Impurity 16 Impurities
CS-P-07578 Clevidipine Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-P-07579 Clevidipine Impurity 4 Impurities
CS-P-07580 Clevidipine Impurity 5 Impurities
CS-P-07581 Clevidipine Impurity 6 Impurities
CS-P-07575 Clevidipine Impurity 7 Impurities
CS-P-07576 Clevidipine Impurity 8 Impurities
CS-P-03874 Clevidipine Impurity 9 Impurities
CS-O-20100 Clevidipine metabolite 13CD3 Stable Isotopes
CS-DG-00029 CN-Desmethyl Telmisartan Impurities
CS-O-31093 CPP-Lysine Impurities
CS-T-14793 Dehydro Bisoprolol Impurities
CS-O-07377 Dehydro Bisoprolol Hemifumarate Impurities
CS-T-14897 Dehydro Felodipine Intermediates
CS-T-14908 Dehydro Felodipine Ester Lactone Intermediates
CS-P-00392 Dehydro Isradipine Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-31096 Dehydro lercanidipine Impurities
CS-T-14925 Dehydro Nicardipine Impurities
CS-T-14958 Dehydro Olmesartan Impurities
CS-O-07963 Dehydronifedipine Metabolites
CS-T-14944 Dehydronitroso Nifedipine Impurities
CS-T-15630 Des(oxopentyl) Valsartan Benzyl Ester Intermediates
CS-O-08380 Des(oxopentyl) Valsartan Methyl Ester Metabolites
CS-T-16636 Des[2-(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)] 2-Cyanolosartan Impurities
CS-T-16638 Des[2-(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)] 2-Cyanolosartan Carboxaldehyde Impurities
CS-T-52091 Desbutyl Bumetanide D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14975 Desethyl Amlodipine Peptides
CS-T-63083 Deshydroxy Sotalol Hydrochloride Intermediates
CS-O-14974 Desmethyl Amlodipine Impurities
CS-O-07555 Desmethyl Carvedilol Metabolites
CS-O-15359 Desvaleryl Valsartan Metabolites
CS-O-15058 Di-acid Amlodipine Impurities
CS-O-16051 Diethyl Amlodipine besylate salt impurity Impurities
CS-T-17066 Di-O-benzoyl L-Tartaric Acid Fine Chemicals
CS-O-00226 Enalapril API Standards
CS-O-03367 Enalapril D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14398 Enalapril D5 maleate Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54042 Enalapril Diketopiperazine Acid Impurities
CS-T-21610 Enalapril EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-32598 Enalapril EP impurity A (mixture of diastereomers) Impurities
CS-O-08084 Enalapril EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-31104 Enalapril EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-T-21621 Enalapril EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-15096 Enalapril EP Impurity F Metabolites
CS-T-50320 Enalapril EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-15098 Enalapril Ep impurity-H Metabolites
CS-O-01420 Enalapril maleate API Standards
CS-T-21615 Enalapril tert-Butyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-10033 Enalaprilat Metabolites
CS-T-54043 Enalaprilat D5 Sodium Salt Stable Isotopes
CS-T-21619 Enalaprilat dihydrate API Standards
CS-T-21624 Enalaprilat tert-Butyl Ester Metabolites
CS-O-03157 Enalaprilat-d5 (phenyl-d5) Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54041 Enalapril-d5 tert-Butyl Ester Stable Isotopes
CS-T-48567 ent-Benazepril Impurities
CS-O-33802 Eplerenone 13C D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-06587 Eplerenone D3 Stable Isotopes
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