Antibiotics reference standards

Clearsynth offers high-purity Antibiotics reference standards for research and analytical purposes.

All products are shipped with complete documentation (including CoA and MSDS) and accredited to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 17034:2016, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 along with US FDA registration & DSIR recognition.

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CS-T-46872 Aceclidine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-46985 Acetic Acid 13C2 Stable Isotope Reagent
CS-T-47045 Acetic Acid-2 13C-2,2,2-d3 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-03005 Acetil Acid API Standards
CS-O-05995 Acetyl spiramycin Metabolites
CS-ED-00221 Acetyltobramycin API Standards
CS-O-06119 Acylated Cefepime Metabolites
CS-T-01518 Albaconazole Impurities
CS-E-01171 alpha-Solanine API Standards
CS-T-47511 Amikacin API Standards
CS-CX-00561 Amikacin D5 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-T-52922 Amikacin EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-P-00601 Amikacin impurity C Impurities
CS-P-03098 Amikacin impurity E Impurities
CS-P-00602 Amikacin impurity F Impurities
CS-P-00603 Amikacin impurity G Impurities
CS-P-00604 Amikacin impurity H Impurities
CS-T-65051 Amikacin Sulfate Salt API Standards
CS-O-30479 Amikacin sulphate API Standards
CS-EG-00090 Amorolfine for system suitability (Y0001795) EP Standards
CS-ER-02376 Amorolfine for system suitability(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-11597 Amorolfine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-03789 Amoxicillin API Standards
CS-EB-00124 Amoxicillin (L0K359) USP Standards
CS-ER-00117 Amoxicillin Related Compound A(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-00940 Amoxicillin Sodium IP (Sterile) API Standards
CS-O-11598 Amoxicillin Trihydrate API Standards
CS-EG-00882 Amoxicillin trihydrate (A0800000) EP Standards
CS-ER-02941 Amoxicillin trihydrate (Secondary standard) Secondary Standards
CS-EG-00091 Amoxicillin trihydrate for performance verification (Y0001521) EP Standards
CS-ER-02377 Amoxicillin trihydrate for performance verification(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-ER-00116 Amoxicillin(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-00830 Amphotericin B API Standards
CS-EB-02585 Amphotericin B (1032007) USP Standards
CS-ER-02378 Amphotericin B for microbiological assay(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-EG-00093 Amphotericin B for peak identification (Y0001014) EP Standards
CS-O-14440 Ampicillin API Standards
CS-EB-02328 Ampicillin (1033000) USP Standards
CS-EG-00528 Ampicillin (A1000000) EP Standards
CS-O-13878 Ampicillin D5 (Mixture of Diastereomers) Stable Isotopes
CS-O-11298 Ampicillin EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-11299 Ampicillin EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07203 Ampicillin EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-07204 Ampicillin EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07205 Ampicillin EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-I-00008 Ampicillin EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-I-00007 Ampicillin EP Impurity J Impurities
CS-O-07209 Ampicillin EP Impurity K Impurities
CS-O-07210 Ampicillin EP Impurity L Impurities
CS-O-00900 Ampicillin Sodium API Standards
CS-O-00831 Ampicillin Trihydrate API Standards
CS-EG-00883 Ampicillin Trihydrate (A1100000) EP Standards
CS-O-11599 Amprenavir API Standards
CS-AD-00759 Anisomycin API Standards
CS-T-66536 Ansamitocin P-3 Intermediates
CS-O-03706 Anti-cefpirome Impurities
CS-CM-00015 Antimycin complex Impurities
CS-AD-00829 Apalcillin Intermediates
CS-AN-00004 Apramycin API Standards
CS-T-48306 Apramycin Sulfate API Standards
CS-O-14874 Arbekacin Impurities
CS-O-15713 Aspoxicillin Intermediates
CS-AD-00813 Astromicin Intermediates
CS-CM-00020 Asukamycin Impurities
CS-T-48390 Atazanavir API Standards
CS-O-30486 Atazanavir sulfate API Standards
CS-EB-00194 Atazanavir Sulfate (F020D0) USP Standards
CS-ER-00186 Atazanavir Sulfate(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-AD-00678 Avilamycin API Standards
CS-O-00853 Azithromycin API Standards
CS-EB-02332 Azithromycin (1046056) USP Standards
CS-EG-00530 Azithromycin (Y0000306) EP Standards
CS-O-06431 Azithromycin 13CD3 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-48523 Azithromycin D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-00854 Azithromycin dihydrate API Standards
CS-O-07319 Azithromycin EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07320 Azithromycin EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-P-03314 Azithromycin EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07321 Azithromycin EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-07322 Azithromycin EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07323 Azithromycin EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-07324 Azithromycin EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-11361 Azithromycin EP impurity I Impurities
CS-O-07325 Azithromycin EP Impurity J Impurities
CS-O-07326 Azithromycin EP Impurity L Impurities
CS-O-07327 Azithromycin EP Impurity M Impurities
CS-O-07328 Azithromycin EP Impurity N Impurities
CS-P-07142 Azithromycin EP Impurity O Impurities
CS-T-48524 Azithromycin EP impurity P Impurities
CS-EG-00145 Azithromycin for peak identification (Y0000637) EP Standards
CS-ER-02431 Azithromycin for peak identification(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-EG-00146 Azithromycin For System Suitability EP Standards
CS-ER-02432 Azithromycin for system suitability(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-EB-00222 Azithromycin Identity (F0G111) USP Standards
CS-ER-00214 Azithromycin Identity(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-EG-00144 Azithromycin Impurity A EP Standards
CS-O-00855 Azithromycin monohydrate API Standards
CS-O-00200 Azlocillin Intermediates
CS-AN-00008 Azlocillin Sodium API Standards
CS-T-04713 Azomycin Intermediates
CS-O-00470 Aztreonam API Standards
CS-T-48542 Bacampicillin Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-00988 Bacitracin API Standards
CS-EB-00233 Bacitracin Zinc (R048C0) USP Standards
CS-O-00943 Bacitracin-Zinc Fine Chemicals
CS-CM-00027 Bafilomycin B1 Metabolites
CS-CM-00028 Bafilomycin C1 Metabolites
CS-CM-00029 Bafilomycin D Metabolites
CS-ER-02454 Benzathine benzylpenicillin(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-02093 Benzathine penicillin G API Standards
CS-O-10782 Benzothiazol-2-yl (Z)-2-methoxyimino-2-(2-aminothiazole-4-yl)thioacetate Impurities
CS-O-30431 Benzyl penicillin benzathine Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-01042 Benzylpenicillin Impurities
CS-EG-00172 Benzylpenicillin potassium (B0700000) EP Standards
CS-ER-02458 Benzylpenicillin potassium(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-EG-00173 Benzylpenicillin sodium (B0900000) USP Standards
CS-W-00176 Benzylpenicilline D7 N-ethylpiperidinium salt Stable Isotopes
CS-CM-00031 Berninamycin A Metabolites
CS-CM-00032 Berninamycin D Metabolites
CS-L-00080 Besifloxacin API Standards
CS-T-06366 Besifloxacin Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-00707 Besifloxacin Impurity A Impurities
CS-P-00708 Besifloxacin Impurity C Impurities
CS-P-00709 Besifloxacin Impurity E Impurities
CS-P-00710 Besifloxacin Impurity F Impurities
CS-P-00711 Besifloxacin Impurity G Impurities
CS-AD-00788 Bicozamycin API Standards
CS-CM-00033 Bicyclomycin benzoate Metabolites
CS-O-14444 Bile salts Fine Chemicals
CS-T-49118 Biotinamidocaproate Tobramycin Amide Impurities
CS-T-49154 Biotinyl Tobramycin Amide Impurities
CS-T-49454 Bizelesin Intermediates
CS-CM-00036 Blasticidin S Metabolites
CS-O-13182 BOC-(S)-3-Amino-4-(2,4,5-Trifluoro-Phenyl)-Butyric Acid Intermediates
CS-CM-00038 Borrelidin Metabolites
CS-T-49585 Brefeldin A Intermediates
CS-P-00799 Calicheamicin ?1 API Standards
CS-P-00811 Capreomycin API Standards
CS-O-01240 Capreomycin sulfate API Standards
CS-ED-00222 Carbamoyl Kanamycin B Impurities
CS-T-10250 Carbenicillin Disodium API Standards
CS-ER-00399 Carbenicillin Indanyl Sodium(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-16146 Carbenicillin Monosodium Monohydrate API Standards
CS-ER-02546 Carbenicillin sodium(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-T-50289 Carbomycin API Standards
CS-O-14927 Carumonam API Standards
CS-T-10704 Cefacetrile API Standards
CS-T-93529 Cefacetrile Sodium API Standards
CS-O-06266 Cefaclor API Standards
CS-O-06470 Cefaclor D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-03616 Cefaclor EP Iimpurity E Impurities
CS-I-00011 Cefaclor EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07206 Cefaclor EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-16836 Cefaclor EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-16837 Cefaclor EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-T-47676 Cefaclor EP Impurity-B Impurities
CS-O-00542 Cefaclor monohydrate API Standards
CS-O-06205 Cefadroxil API Standards
CS-T-93271 Cefadroxil Dimer Impurities
CS-O-13361 Cefadroxil EP Impurity C (Mixture of isomers) Impurities
CS-O-13362 Cefadroxil EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-13364 Cefadroxil EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-T-01351 Cefadroxil EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-33249 Cefadroxil ethyl homolog Impurities
CS-P-07405 Cefadroxil Impurity 1 (Methyl (2R)-2-Amino-2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)acetate) Impurities
CS-O-03630 Cefadroxil impurity A Impurities
CS-O-03997 Cefadroxil Monohydrate API Standards
CS-P-07403 Cefadroxil Related Compound I Impurities
CS-P-07404 Cefadroxil Sulfoxide Metabolites
CS-ET-00027 Cefadroxil(784 New) BP Standards
CS-P-00825 Cefalexin Impurity Impurities
CS-T-10710 Cefalonium Hydrate Intermediates
CS-P-07475 Cefalonium Impurity B (Cefalotin Impurity B) Impurities
CS-ER-02564 Cefalotin for impurity B identification(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-ER-02563 Cefalotin sodium(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-T-58660 Cefamandole EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-P-00829 Cefamandole EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-P-00830 Cefamandole Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-00831 Cefamandole Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-P-00832 Cefamandole Impurity 3 Impurities
CS-P-00826 Cefamandole Impurity A Impurities
CS-P-00827 Cefamandole Impurity C Sodium Salt Impurities
CS-I-00027 Cefamandole Nafate Impurities
CS-ER-02565 Cefapirin sodium(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-T-50417 Cefathiamidine API Standards
CS-P-07383 Cefathiamidine Lactone Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-T-10716 Cefatrizine API Standards
CS-T-71145 Cefatrizine 1,2-propanediol Impurities
CS-T-50418 Cefazedone API Standards
CS-P-00833 Cefazedone Related Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-00842 Cefazedone Related Impurity 10 Impurities
CS-P-00834 Cefazedone Related Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-P-00835 Cefazedone Related Impurity 3 Impurities
CS-P-00836 Cefazedone Related Impurity 4 Impurities
CS-P-00837 Cefazedone Related Impurity 5 Impurities
CS-P-00838 Cefazedone Related Impurity 6 Impurities
CS-P-00839 Cefazedone Related Impurity 7 Impurities
CS-P-00840 Cefazedone Related Impurity 8 Impurities
CS-P-00841 Cefazedone Related Impurity 9 Impurities
CS-EG-00282 Cefazolin (C0682800) EP Standards
CS-O-01111 Cefazolin Acid API Standards
CS-T-03085 Cefazolin EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-13456 Cefazolin EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-13457 Cefazolin EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-13458 Cefazolin EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-T-35187 Cefazolin EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-13459 Cefazolin EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-13460 Cefazolin EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-13461 Cefazolin EP Impurity H Impurities
CS-O-13462 Cefazolin EP Impurity I Impurities
CS-O-13463 Cefazolin EP Impurity J Impurities
CS-O-13464 Cefazolin EP Impurity K Impurities
CS-O-13465 Cefazolin EP Impurity L Impurities
CS-O-04000 Cefazolin sodium API Standards
CS-ER-02568 Cefazolin(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-ER-00427 Cefazolin(Secondary Standards traceble to USP) Secondary Standards
CS-P-00843 Cefbuperazone API Standards
CS-P-00844 Cefbuperazone Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-00845 Cefbuperazone Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-O-01063 Cefcapene Pivoxil Hydrochloride Hydrate API Standards
CS-O-06263 Cefdinir API Standards
CS-EB-02807 Cefdinir (1097614) USP Standards
CS-O-10154 Cefdinir 15N2,13C Stable Isotopes
CS-O-10171 Cefdinir Decarboxy Open Ring Lactone (Mixture of A and B) Impurities
CS-O-10165 Cefdinir Glyoxalic Analog Chiral
CS-P-07374 Cefdinir Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-07376 Cefdinir Impurity A Impurities
CS-T-56105 Cefdinir Isoxazole Analogue Impurities
CS-T-50421 Cefdinir Lactone Impurities
CS-EB-02809 Cefdinir Related Compound A (1097625) USP Standards
CS-O-15723 Cefdinir Related Compound A (Mixture of isomers) Impurities
CS-T-94463 Cefdinir Related Compund A Impurities
CS-P-07375 Cefdinir Thiazine Analog Impurities
CS-P-07560 Cefditoren API Standards
CS-O-02870 Cefditoren 13C D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14397 Cefditoren D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-03130 Cefditoren D3 Sodium Stable Isotopes
CS-O-30875 Cefditoren pivoxil API Standards
CS-O-06209 Cefditoren pivoxil API Standards
CS-O-06286 Cefditoren Sodium API Standards
CS-O-15808 Cefepime API Standards
CS-O-03391 Cefepime D8 Sulfate Stable Isotopes
CS-DK-00054 Cefepime dihydrochloride API Standards
CS-EG-00283 Cefepime dihydrochloride monohydrate (Y0000633) EP Standards
CS-EG-00285 Cefepime dihydrochloride monohydrate for system suitability (Y0000634) EP Standards
CS-ER-02571 Cefepime dihydrochloride monohydrate for system suitability(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-ER-02569 Cefepime dihydrochloride monohydrate(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-14132 Cefepime EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-01065 Cefepime Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-48289 Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-14131 Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-T-02876 Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-T-59786 Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-14133 Cefepime Hydrochloride EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-T-47673 Cefepime Related Compound E Impurities
CS-T-69546 Cefetamet API Standards
CS-T-50425 Cefetamet Pivoxil API Standards
CS-O-14591 Cefetamet Pivoxil Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-07573 Cefixime API Standards
CS-O-02881 Cefixime 13C 15N2 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-15245 Cefixime EP Impurity A (Mixture of Diastereomers) Impurities
CS-O-15246 Cefixime EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-T-10761 Cefixime EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-T-10762 Cefixime EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-P-07592 Cefixime Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-O-15247 Cefixime Impurity F Sodium salt Impurities
CS-T-10763 Cefixime Methyl Ester Impurities
CS-P-03666 Cefixime Sulfone Impurity Metabolites
CS-P-08167 Cefixime Sulfoxide Impurities
CS-EO-00121 Cefixime tert-Butyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-06214 Cefixime trihydrate API Standards
CS-T-71419 Cefmenoxime API Standards
CS-T-50427 Cefmenoxime Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-70244 Cefmetazole API Standards
CS-I-00032 Cefmetazole Sodium Impurities
CS-O-01068 cefminox sodium API Standards
CS-P-00848 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-00849 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-P-00850 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 3 Impurities
CS-P-00851 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 4 Impurities
CS-P-00852 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 5 Impurities
CS-P-00853 Cefminox Sodium Impurity 6 HCL Impurities
CS-T-50429 Cefodizime API Standards
CS-T-70656 Cefodizime Sodium API Standards
CS-P-00854 Cefonicid API Standards
CS-T-50268 Cefonicid Disodium Salt API Standards
CS-P-00855 Cefonicid Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-AD-00825 Cefonicid Sodium Intermediates
CS-O-05595 Cefoperazone API Standards
CS-BX-00474 Cefoperazone dihydrate Intermediates
CS-O-03483 Cefoperazone EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-EO-00120 Cefoperazone EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-P-07571 Cefoperazone Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-01069 Cefoperazone sodium API Standards
CS-T-10773 Ceforanide Intermediates
CS-AD-00694 Cefoselis Sulfate API Standards
CS-O-06208 Cefotaxime API Standards
CS-P-07367 Cefotaxime EP Impurity D Sodium Salt (E-Cefotaxime Sodium Salt) Impurities
CS-ER-02573 Cefotaxime for peak identification(Secondary Standards traceble to EP) Secondary Standards
CS-O-01071 Cefotaxime sodium API Standards
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