Antihistamine reference standards

Clearsynth offers high-purity Antihistamine reference standards for research and analytical purposes.

All products are shipped with complete documentation (including CoA and MSDS) and accredited to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 17034:2016, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 along with US FDA registration & DSIR recognition.

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CS-CB-00053 Acetic acid, 2-[2-[2-[4-[(4- chlorophenyl)phenylmethyl]-1-piperazinyl]ethoxy]ethoxy]- Impurities
CS-O-00802 Acrivastine API Standards
CS-CX-00054 Acrivastine D7 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-01543 Alcaftadine 3-Carboxylic Acid Metabolites
CS-P-08084 Alcaftadine Impurity 4 Impurities
CS-P-08085 Alcaftadine Impurity 5 Impurities
CS-T-56276 alpha-Hydroxy Olopatadine (Z-isomer) Impurities
CS-T-56275 Alpha-Hydroxy olopatadine hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-11602 Astemizole API Standards
CS-O-14396 Azelastine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-03081 Azelastine D4 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-M-43257 Azelastine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-13790 Azelastine EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-T-12256 Azelastine EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-T-12336 Azelastine EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-15175 Azelastine EP Impurity E Impurities
CS-O-10236 Azelastine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-48466 Azelastine Related Compound F Intermediates
CS-T-54172 Azithromycin Impurity R Impurities
CS-O-11372 Benzhydryl bromide Intermediates
CS-O-06184 Bilastine API Standards
CS-O-14023 Bilastine Boc Impurity Impurities
CS-O-14021 Bilastine Chloro Impurity Impurities
CS-O-15080 Bilastine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-00732 Bilastine Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-O-14026 Bilastine Keto Impurity Impurities
CS-O-14025 Bilastine N-oxide Impurity Impurities
CS-O-14022 Bilastine Propanamide Impurity Impurities
CS-O-06170 Brompheniramine API Standards
CS-O-01002 Brompheniramine maleate API Standards
CS-P-00366 Buclizine API Standards
CS-O-06448 Buclizine D8 Dihydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-O-03935 Buclizine Dihydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-07555 Carbinoxamine Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07594 Cetirizine 3-Chloro Impurity Impurities
CS-T-10979 Cetirizine Amide Impurities
CS-T-10980 Cetirizine Amide Dihydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-01307 Cetirizine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-03058 Cetirizine D8 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-31588 Cetirizine EP impurity A Impurities
CS-T-14604 Cetirizine EP impurity B Impurities
CS-O-07600 Cetirizine EP Impurity B Ethyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-07601 Cetirizine EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-07602 Cetirizine EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-07603 Cetirizine EP Impurity E Di Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-07604 Cetirizine EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-T-10981 Cetirizine Ethyl Ester Intermediates
CS-EG-00307 Cetirizine for peak identification (Y0001197) EP Standards
CS-T-10966 Cetirizine Glycerol Ester Impurities
CS-P-07459 Cetirizine Glycerol Ester Impurity Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-01088 Cetirizine hydrochloride API Standards
CS-EG-00306 Cetirizine impurity A (C0980651) EP Standards
CS-O-15936 Cetirizine impurity B di Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-DN-00043 Cetirizine Impurity BHA Impurities
CS-DN-00001 Cetirizine Impurity BHT Impurities
CS-O-16047 Cetirizine Impurity C Dihydrochloride Impurities
CS-DH-00032 Cetirizine Impurity D dihydrochloride Impurities
CS-P-07456 Cetirizine Impurity E Sodium Salt Impurities
CS-O-30391 Cetirizine Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-07605 Cetirizine Impurity G Impurities
CS-P-03772 Cetirizine Lactose Ester Impurities
CS-O-06030 Cetirizine Methyl Ester Metabolites
CS-O-05852 Cetirizine N-Oxide Metabolites
CS-T-50496 Cetirizine Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Ester Impurities
CS-O-07609 Cetirizine S-Isomer di HCl Impurities
CS-P-07464 Cetirizine Sorbitol Ester Impurity Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-07610 Cetirizine USP Related Compound A Impurities
CS-BV-00013 Chlorpheniramine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-51081 Chlorpheniramine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-06482 Chlorpheniramine D6 Maleate Stable Isotopes
CS-O-15275 Chlorpheniramine EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-T-06902 Chlorpheniramine Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-01160 Chlorpheniramine maleate API Standards
CS-T-72321 Chlorpheniramine Nitrile Impurities
CS-O-03621 Chlorpheniramine N-Oxide Metabolites
CS-P-07525 Chlorpheniramine N-Oxide Hydrochloride Metabolites
CS-O-30548 cyproheptadine API Standards
CS-O-15509 Cyproheptadine hydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-00916 Cyproheptadine Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-P-01258 Cyproheptadine Impurity 2 Impurities
CS-K-00033 Cyproheptadine Related Compound C Impurities
CS-T-14667 Decloxizine DiHydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-50913 Dehydro Desloratadine Impurities
CS-T-73329 Dehydroxydehydro Terfenadine Impurities
CS-T-15724 Desalkyl Ebastine Intermediates
CS-T-73775 Deschloro Cetirizine Dihydrochloride Impurities
CS-T-88876 Deschloro Loratadine Impurities
CS-O-00556 Desloratadine API Standards
CS-O-07775 Desloratadine 8-Bromo-11-Hydroxy-N-Methyl Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07776 Desloratadine 8-Bromo-11-Oxo Impurity Impurities
CS-O-10056 Desloratadine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-02713 Desloratadine D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-EO-00141 Desloratadine Dehydro 11-Oxo Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07778 Desloratadine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-07779 Desloratadine EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-EG-00438 Desloratadine for system suitability (Y0001582) EP Standards
CS-O-07781 Desloratadine N-Acetyl Impurity Impurities
CS-T-52179 Desloratadine N-Carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-07782 Desloratadine N-Formyl Impurity Impurities
CS-O-07783 Desloratadine N-Hydroxy Impurity Impurities
CS-T-52177 Desloratadine N-Oxide Impurities
CS-O-05868 Desmethoxy loratadine Metabolites
CS-T-52212 Desmethyl Chlorpheniramine Maleate Salt Metabolites
CS-O-01355 Dexbrompheniramine maleate Fine Chemicals
CS-O-01285 Dexchlorpheniramine maleate API Standards
CS-P-06936 Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-05743 Dextro Cetirizine Hydrochloride Chiral
CS-O-33808 Didesmethyl Chlorpheniramine Metabolites
CS-T-52742 Didesmethyl Chlorpheniramine Maleate Salt Impurities
CS-T-20855 Diphenhydramine Citrate Intermediates
CS-O-06550 Diphenhydramine D5 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-O-10860 Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-M-53270 Diphenhydramine Impurity A Impurities
CS-CY-00018 Diphenhydramine Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-30389 Diphenhydramine impurity C Impurities
CS-O-30428 Diphenhydramine Impurity K Impurities
CS-O-11820 Diphenhydramine N-Oxide Metabolites
CS-DH-00007 Diphenhydramine-N-oxide hydrochloride Metabolites
CS-O-04187 Diphenylpyraline Hydrochloride Intermediates
CS-O-10904 Ebastine API Standards
CS-O-11106 Ebastine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-48645 Ebastine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-T-09280 Ebastine EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-T-54007 Ebastine EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-P-01316 Ebastine EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-P-01314 Ebastine Impurity E fumaric acid Impurities
CS-O-10173 Ebastine-d5 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-00967 Ebastine-D5 Fumarate Stable Isotopes
CS-P-00414 Emedastine Difumarate API Standards
CS-P-07867 Emedastine EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-O-15503 Epinastine API Standards
CS-P-07873 Epinastine EP Impurity A (Dehydro Epinastine) Impurities
CS-O-30902 Epinastine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-07870 Epinastine Impurity 1 Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-P-07872 Epinastine Related Compound A Impurities
CS-T-54161 Erythrolosamine API Standards
CS-O-11641 Erythromycin API Standards
CS-O-06591 Erythromycin 13C D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54171 Erythromycin A 6,9-Imino Ether Impurities
CS-T-54164 Erythromycin A Enol Ether Impurities
CS-EG-00576 Erythromycin A(Y0001912) EP Standards
CS-T-21948 Erythromycin B Intermediates
CS-EG-00564 Erythromycin B (E1310000) EP Standards
CS-T-54165 Erythromycin C Impurities
CS-EG-00565 Erythromycin C (E1320000) EP Standards
CS-O-14220 Erythromycin D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54162 Erythromycin D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-21952 Erythromycin E API Standards
CS-O-16844 Erythromycin EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-16518 Erythromycin EP Impurity K Impurities
CS-T-54168 Erythromycin Estolate API Standards
CS-O-13302 Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-00215 Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Impurities
CS-EG-00580 Erythromycin for impurity M identification (Y0001846) EP Standards
CS-EG-00579 Erythromycin for system suitability (Y0001847) EP Standards
CS-T-54167 Erythromycin Glucoheptonate API Standards
CS-O-10091 Erythromycin Impurity D Impurities
CS-P-07834 Erythromycin Impurity E Impurities
CS-P-08065 Erythromycin Impurity L Impurities
CS-T-54175 Erythromycin Lactobionate API Standards
CS-AH-00118 Erythromycin propionate Impurities
CS-O-01436 Erythromycin stearate API Standards
CS-O-00232 Erythromycin thiocyanate API Standards
CS-CM-00085 Erythromycin-N-Oxide Impurities
CS-O-02714 Fexofenadine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-03405 Fexofenadine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-O-00610 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-10070 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP Impurity C Impurities
CS-T-54705 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP Impurity D Impurities
CS-O-14191 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-T-53856 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-EN-00073 Fexofenadine hydrochloride USP Impurity A Impurities
CS-T-54704 Fexofenadine-d10 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54706 Fexofenadine-D6 Methyl Ester Stable Isotopes
CS-CX-00667 Hexamethylenediamine 13C2-15N2 dihydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-O-31383 Hydrobromide (3-(dimethylamino)propyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide Intermediates
CS-T-56802 Iso Desloratadine Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-31382 Isoxepac Fine Chemicals
CS-O-05742 Levocetirizine API Standards
CS-O-02878 Levocetirizine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14652 Levocetirizine D4 Dihydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-O-01775 Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-05076 Levocetirizine Impurity 1 Impurities
CS-CK-00002 Levocetirizine Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-01778 Loratadine API Standards
CS-T-57296 Loratadine D5 Stable Isotopes
CS-CB-00047 Loratadine EP Impurity A Impurities
CS-T-50635 Loratadine EP Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-14709 Loratadine EP Impurity F Impurities
CS-O-07784 Loratadine EP Impurity G Impurities
CS-O-05927 Loratadine N-Oxide Metabolites
CS-O-31235 Loratadine-d4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-54703 meta-Fexofenadine Impurities
CS-O-15949 methyl 2-(3-(4-chlorobutanoyl)phenyl)-2-methylpropanoate Impurities
CS-O-15948 methyl 2-(4-(4-hydroxybutanoyl)phenyl)-2-methylpropanoate Impurities
CS-T-33472 Methyl 4-(Cyanomethyl)benzoate Impurities
CS-O-31616 Methyl 5-methylnicotinate Impurities
CS-T-01717 N-Allylphenothiazine Impurities
CS-T-05676 N-Benzyl-2-[2-[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]ethoxy]acetamide Impurities
CS-T-48813 N-Benzyl-N-[2-(benzylamino)-2-oxoethyl]-2-chloroacetamide Impurities
CS-T-51847 N-Demethyl Erythromycin A Metabolites
CS-O-33553 N-Demethyl Erythromycin A D3 Stable Isotopes
CS-EG-00428 N-Demethylerythromycin A (D0350000) EP Standards
CS-P-07835 N-Demethyl-N-Propanoyl Erythromycin Impurities
CS-O-06428 N-desmethyl Azelastine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-16390 N-Desmethyl Olopatadine Metabolites
CS-T-22310 N-Ethoxycarbonyl Norastemizole Impurities
CS-T-58300 N-Methyl Iso Desloratadine Impurities
CS-O-16257 N-Methylpiperazine D8 Stable Isotope Reagent
CS-T-59617 N-Nitroso Desloratadine Impurities
CS-T-59645 N-Nitrosopiperazine D8 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-59646 N-Nitrosopiperidine D10 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-37450 Norastemizole Hydrobromide Impurities
CS-O-02025 Olopatadine API Standards
CS-T-59936 Olopatadine Carbaldehyde Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-O-10112 Olopatadine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-31184 Olopatadine hydrochloride API Standards
CS-T-38024 Olopatadine Methanol Impurities
CS-T-38023 Olopatadine Methyl Ester Impurities
CS-O-02047 Olopatadine pamoate API Standards
CS-T-59939 Olopatadine USP Related Compound B Impurities
CS-T-59940 Olopatadine-d3 N-Oxide Stable Isotopes
CS-T-39230 Phenindamine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-B-00225 Phenindamine Hydrogen Tartrate Metabolites
CS-P-01968 Phenindamine Nitrate Impurities
CS-O-11352 Pheniramine API Standards
CS-O-11711 Pheniramine maleate API Standards
CS-O-11138 Pheniramine N-Oxide Dihydrochloride Metabolites
CS-O-30499 Piperazine D8 Stable Isotope Reagent
CS-T-60871 Prothipendyl Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-T-85544 Prothipendyl-d6 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-T-60670 Pseudo Erythromycin A Enol Ether Impurities
CS-T-85218 Pseudoerythromycin A Hemiketal Impurities
CS-T-54169 Roxithromycin EP impurity G Impurities
CS-O-06947 Rupatadine D6 Tartrate Stable Isotopes
CS-O-30752 Rupatadine Fumarate API Standards
CS-O-32665 Rupatadine Impurity B Impurities
CS-O-00282 Rupatidine API Standards
CS-T-54163 seco Erythromycin Impurities
CS-O-30790 Terfenadine API Standards
CS-BX-00219 Terfenadine alcohol metabolite Metabolites
CS-O-13202 Terfenadine D6 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-86760 Terfenadine-d3 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-15217 tert-Amyl Ebastine Impurities
CS-T-09309 tert-Butyl Cetirizine Impurities
CS-P-07816 Triacetic Acid Impurity 1 (Ethylenediaminetriacetic Acid) Impurities
CS-T-45791 Tripelennamine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-30800 Triprolidine API Standards
CS-P-00207 Triprolidine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-P-00208 Triprolidine D8 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-14687 Triprolidine D8 Hydrochloride Stable Isotopes
CS-O-11765 Triprolidine hydrochloride API Standards
CS-O-32284 Triprolidine Hydrochloride Monohydrate API Standards
CS-O-32084 "2-[2-(4-bromophenyl)propan-2-yl]-4,4-dimethyl-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazole Br" Impurities
CS-T-52591 "4,8-Dichloro-5,6-dihydro-11H-benzo[5,6]cyclohepta[1,2-b]pyridin-11-one" Impurities
CS-T-51759 "9,13β-Dehydro Epinastine Hydrochloride" Impurities
CS-T-48467 "Azelastine 13C,d3 N-Oxide" Stable Isotopes
CS-T-48465 "Azelastine 13C,d3" Stable Isotopes
CS-O-16050 "Desloratadine (2,2,6,6,10)-D5" Stable Isotopes
CS-O-31385 "Dibenz[b,e]oxepin-2-aceticacid, 6,11-dihydro-11-oxo-, methyl ester" Impurities
CS-T-32251 "N-(4-Methoxybenzyl)-N'-methyl-N-2-pyridinyl-1,2-ethanediamine" Impurities
CS-O-14362 "N,N-Didesmethylolopatadine" Metabolites
CS-O-10581 (1-methyl-4-piperidinyl-3-[2-(3-chlorophinyl)-ethyl]Methanone Hydrochloride Intermediates
CS-O-31384 (3-Dimethylamino)propyltriphenylphosphonium bromide Building Blocks
CS-T-81385 (5-Methyl-3-pyridinyl)methyl Rupatadine Impurities
CS-T-59938 (E)-Olopatadine Impurities
CS-P-02642 (E)-Olopatadine Hydrochloride Chiral
CS-T-48463 (R)-Azelastine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-P-07184 (R)-Azelastine N-Oxide Impurities
CS-P-07460 (R)-Cetirizine N-Oxide DiHydrochloride Impurities
CS-CX-00572 (R)-Chlorpheniramine-D6 maleate salt Stable Isotopes
CS-T-14603 (R)-De(carboxymethoxy) Cetirizine Acetic Acid Hydrochloride Impurities
CS-T-48464 (S)-Azelastine Hydrochloride API Standards
CS-DM-00028 (S)-Chlorpheniramine Impurities
CS-CX-00571 (S)-Chlorpheniramine-D6 maleate salt Stable Isotopes
CS-O-16269 1-(3-Hydroxypropyl)-4-methylpiperazine Impurities
CS-O-31767 1-(Pyridine-2-yl)-3-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)-1-p-tolylpropan-1-ol Impurities
CS-O-14024 1’-Hydroxy Bilastine Impurities
CS-T-79472 1’-Hydroxy Bilastine Weinreb’s Amide Intermediates
CS-T-08847 10-(3-Bromopropyl)phenothiazine Impurities
CS-T-55961 11-Hydroxy-N-methyl Dihydro Loratadine Impurities
CS-O-32950 13-desethyl, 13-propyl-Erythromycin A Impurities
CS-T-51813 1-Dehydroxy-1-dehyro-fexofenadine-d6 Methyl Ester Stable Isotopes
CS-T-59649 1-Nitrosopyrrolidine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-34967 2-(Methylsulfonyl) Phenothiazine Impurities
CS-O-10894 2,2-Dipyridylamine Fine Chemicals
CS-O-31185 2-[(4-Carboxymethylphenoxy)methyl]benzoic acid Intermediates
CS-T-72698 2-[4-[(4-Chlorophenyl)phenylmethyl]-1-piperazinyl]ethanol-d4 Stable Isotopes
CS-T-50942 2-[4-[2-(4-Chlorophenyl)phenylmethyl]-1-piperazinyl]ethanol Impurities
CS-O-20024 2-Amino-ethan-1,1,2,2-D4-ol Stable Isotope Reagent
CS-T-11780 2-Chloro-10-[3-[[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]methylamino]propyl]phenothiazine Impurities
CS-T-55044 2-Formyl Loratadine Impurities
CS-O-07891 2-Hydroxymethyl Loratadine Metabolites
CS-O-05859 3-Hydroxy Desloratadine Metabolites
CS-O-02970 3-Hydroxy Desloratadine D4 Hydrobromide Stable Isotopes
CS-T-55936 3-Hydroxy Desloratadine-β-D-Glucuronide Glucuronides
CS-T-57668 3-Methoxy Desloratadine Impurities
CS-T-57737 3-Methoxy-N-methyldesloratadine D4 Stable Isotopes
CS-O-10640 4-(4-Chloro-1-oxobutyl)-2,2-Dimethylphenyl acetic acid methyl ester Intermediates
CS-T-50853 4-[(3-Chlorophenyl)methyl]-2-(hexahydro-1-methyl-1H-azepin-4-yl)-1(2H)-phthalazinone Impurities
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