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Environmental and Industrial Hygiene

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Right from preparation of samples to environmental analysis, we have your back when it comes to environmental testing. With increasing threat due to various pollutants, we need regulation compliant solutions for all your testing needs. Our catalogue of products will not only fulfill your demands towards greener and safer environment but will give accurate results.

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Dibenzo-p-dioxin D8
(Stable Isotopes)   Check Stock
CAT No. : CS-C-00858
Mol. Weight:192.24 g/mol
Mol. Formula: C12H8O2
Industry :Environmental and Industrial Hygiene


(Stable Isotopes)   Check Stock
CAT No. : CS-C-01013
Mol. Weight:148.3 g/mol
Mol. Formula: C10D14
Industry :Environmental and Industrial Hygiene


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