Flavours And Fragrances Reference Standards

Flavours And Fragrances reference standards

Fragrance or spice refers to the material with an aromatic odor itself. Most of the pastries and cookies can be added with spices and fragrances in order to improve or enhance the aroma and flavor. These spices and fragrances are called flavoring agent. Spices, according to different sources, can be divided into natural and artificial spices.

Natural spices also include animal and vegetable spices with food production mainly using vegetable spices. Artificial spice is compound made from the synthesis reaction of raw materials including petrochemical products and coal tar products. Fragrance is compound spices made from several or dozens of spices via diluent blending.

Strictly speaking, spices generally refer to the raw material used for making fragrance and are rarely used directly in food. Fragrance is instead an important raw material directly used to increase the food flavor.

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