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Solvents s

Organic solvents are carbon-based substances capable of dissolving or dispersing one or more other substances. Organic solvents can be carcinogens, reproductive hazards, and neurotoxins.They affect the acidities and basicities of solutes. In some cases, the choice of a solvent can have dramatic effects on reaction rates and even on the outcome of a reaction.

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CS-O-10922-10mL Acetic Acid D4 Solvents
CS-T-46994-10mL Acetone D6 Solvents
CS-T-46997-10mL Acetonitrile D3 Solvents
CS-O-35116 Androsterone D4 Glucuronide Sodium Salt Solvents
CS-O-11242-50GM Benzene D6 Solvents
CS-BX-01138 Benzene D6 10g Pack Solvents
CS-O-41560 Benzene D6 D-Atom 99.5% Solvents
CS-O-40752 Chloroform D + 0.03% TMS Solvents
CS-O-42122 Chloroform-D stabilized -10g Pack Solvents
CS-O-42121-100G Chloroform-D with 0.03 v/v% TMS stabilized-100g Pack Solvents
CS-O-42120 Chloroform-D with 0.03 v/v% TMS stabilized-10g Pack Solvents
CS-ED-01426 Cobalt-60 Solvents
CS-O-43430 delta-8(9)-Ethynylestradiol Solvents
CS-BX-01145 Deuterium Oxide - 100g Pack Solvents
CS-T-53699-10G Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 10g Pack Solvents
CS-T-53699-50G Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 50g Pack Solvents
CS-BX-01140 Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 - 50g Pack Solvents
CS-T-40753-10G Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.03 v/v% TMS - 10g Pack Solvents
CS-T-40753-50G Dimethyl Sulfoxide D6 with 0.03 v/v% TMS - 50g Pack Solvents
CS-O-32517 Ethyl acetate HPLC Solvents
CS-O-32507 Ethyl acetate ULC-MS Solvents
CS-ED-00514 Fluoride Ion Solvents
CS-O-32500 Formic acid ULC-MS Solvents
CS-O-11079 Hexane Solvents
CS-O-32522 Iso-propanol HPLC Solvents
CS-EP-00278 Jasmonic Acid for molecular biology Solvents
CS-BX-01142 Methanol D4 -10ml Pack Solvents
CS-T-57790-10G Methanol D4 -10ml Pack Solvents
CS-O-40817 Methanol D4 with 0.03 v/v% TMS - 10ml Pack Solvents
CS-O-32521 Methanol HPLC Supra Gradient Solvents
CS-BX-00668 Methanol LR Grade Solvents
CS-O-32501 Methanol ULC-MS Solvents
CS-O-43431 Methyl (4-aminomethyl)cyclohexane carboxylate hydrochloride Solvents
CS-O-41544 Methyl bromide solution in Acetonitrile Solvents
CS-O-32520 n-Hexane 95% HPLC Solvents
CS-BX-00745 PAH Calibration Mix Solvents
CS-O-34363 Petroleum oil Solvents
CS-O-36167 plant sterol mix Solvents
CS-T-61817-10mL Tetrahydrofuran D8 Solvents
CS-O-43433 1,3-Diacetoxy-2-methylenepropane Solvents
CS-O-42637 2% w/w Dimethyl Sulfoxide solution in Deuterium Oxide Solvents