Vinyl Medetomidine

Product Name Vinyl Medetomidine
Alternate Names Detomidine Impurities, Impurities of Detomidine
CAT No. CS-O-11233
CAS No. 1021949-47-2
Category Impurities
Stock IN-Stock
Mol. Wt. 198.26 g/mol
Mol. For. C₁₃H₁₄N₂
Hazardous This is not a Hazardous Compound
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Parent API Detomidine
Purity >98%
Smileys C=C(C1=CN=CN1)C(C=CC=C2C)=C2C
Canonical Smiles CC1=C(C(=CC=C1)C(=C)C2=CN=CN2)C
Inchl InChI=1S/C13H14N2/c1-9-5-4-6-12(10(9)2)11(3)13-7-14-8-15-13/h4-8H,3H2,1-2H3,(H,14,15)
IUPAC 5-[1-(2,3-dimethylphenyl)ethenyl]-1H-imidazole
Controlled No
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Vinyl Medetomidine is a potent sedative and analgesic drug that is used in veterinary medicine for the sedation of animals during clinical procedures. This medication is a type of alpha-2 adrenergic agonist that works by binding to specific receptors in the central nervous system, causing a decrease in sympathetic activity and an increase in parasympathetic activity. This results in a sedative and analgesic effect in animals that helps to reduce stress and discomfort during clinical procedures. Vinyl Medetomidine is usually administered as an intravenous injection or infusion and its effects can last for several hours. The dosage and duration of the medication depend on the animal's weight, age, and condition, as well as the procedure being performed. This medication should only be administered by a trained veterinarian and under close supervision to prevent any adverse effects. In terms of chemical information, Vinyl Medetomidine is a synthetic compound that belongs to the imidazole class of drugs. Its chemical formula is C16H15N3O, and it has a molecular weight of 253.31 g/mol. The drug is typically supplied in a sterile solution for injection, with a concentration of 1 mg/mL. Overall, Vinyl Medetomidine is a valuable medication in veterinary medicine for sedation and pain management in animals. Its use should always be carefully monitored by a trained professional to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal.

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