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Betamethasone D4,D5 (D4 major)

CS-O-10380 Available for Dispatch by 2-Jul-2022

Betamethasone D4,D5 (D4 major)

Stable Isotopes

Available for Dispatch by 2-Jul-2022

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Compound : Betamethasone D4,D5 (D4 major)
CAT No. : CS-O-10380
Parent API : Betamethasone
CAS No. : 378-44-9 (Unlabeled)
Category : Stable Isotopes
Mol. Weight: 396.49
Mol. Formula : C₂₂H₂₅D₄FO₅
Controlled Substance : NO
Purity : Not less than 90 %
Isotopic Enrichment : Not specified
Appearance : White to off white powder
Application : Betamethasone Stable Isotope
References : "Ferrante; M,G,; et al,: Anal, Profiles Drug Subs,; 6; 43 (1977); Li; A,; et al,: Chem, Biol, Interact,; 142; 7 (2002); Cruz-Monteagudo; M,; et al,: Eur, J, Med, Chem,; 40; 1030 (2005); Rothfuss; A,; et al,: Chem, Res, Toxicol,; 19; 1313 (2006);"
Custom Duty : Applicable
Documents:  View Sample COA   View Sample MSDS
Port of Loading : Canada
Expected Dispatch : 2-Jul-2022
Taxes : Not Applicable
Refund Policy : 30-days money back

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