Ethyl sofosbuvir

ISO 17034:
Catalog Number : CS-O-11152
CAS Number : 1064684-30-5
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Product Information

Product Name : Ethyl sofosbuvir
Category : Impurities
Purity : Not less than 90%
Synonyms : Sofosbuvir Ethyl Ester
Molecular Weight : 515.43 mol/g
Molecular Formula : C₂₁H₂₇FN₃O₉P
Application : Impurity in commercial preparations of Sofosbuvir.
Therapeutic : Antiretroviral / Anti-HIV

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Status : Available for immediate dispatch
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Hazardous Compound : No

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What are the Impurities of Sofosbuvir ?

CS-O-11149 (R)-Sofosbuvir Pentafluorophenoxy Analogue 1334513-02-8 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-14745 (S)-Sofosbuvir Pentafluorophenoxy Analogue 1256490-52-4 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-T-92617 2(R)-Methyl Sofosbuvir 1496552-28-3 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-15606 2-Alkene Sofosbuvir NA Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-T-72809 Chloro (R)-Phosphoryl Sofosbuvir 1496552-50-1 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-15621 Chloro Sofosbuvir Desphosphate 1496551-72-4 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-T-73645 O-Desphenyl Sofosbuvir 1233335-82-4 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-T-84999 Sofosbuvir 3’,5’-Bis-(S)-phosphate 1337482-17-3 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-32142 Sofosbuvir Benzoyl Cytidine 817204-32-3 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-11153 Sofosbuvir Chloro Analogue 1496552-51-2 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-11150 Sofosbuvir D-Alaninate 1064684-71-4 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-14747 Sofosbuvir Degradation Impurity 1 1015073-43-4 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-11148 Sofosbuvir Dimer 1256490-29-5 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-16052 Sofosbuvir Impurity 1351925-15-9 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00023 Sofosbuvir impurity 12 114262-49-6 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00022 Sofosbuvir impurity 19 1337482-15-1 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00027 Sofosbuvir impurity 3 863329-62-8 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00021 Sofosbuvir impurity 32 1157884-58-6 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00020 Sofosbuvir impurity 43 1520010-86-9(Freeacid) Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00026 Sofosbuvir impurity 5 863329-63-9 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00025 Sofosbuvir impurity 6 874638-94-5 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-DG-00024 Sofosbuvir impurity 9 944476-44-2 Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-33875 Sofosbuvir Impurity D NA Sofosbuvir Impurities
CS-O-14752 Sofosbuvir L-alanitate (Mixture of Diasteriomers) 1190308-01-0 Sofosbuvir Impurities