ISO 17034:
Catalog Number : CS-P-02247
CAS Number : 183204-74-2(Unlabeled)
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What is the Chemical Information of Tipiracil-d5?

Chemical Name : Tipiracil-d5
Category : Stable Isotopes
Therapeutic : Anti-Cancer / Oncology

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Canonical SMILES : C1CC(=N)N(C1)CC2=C(C(=O)NC(=O)N2)Cl
Isomeric SMILES : C1CC(=N)N(C1)CC2=C(C(=O)NC(=O)N2)Cl
InChI : InChI=1S/C9H11ClN4O2/c10-7-5(12-9(16)13-8(7)15)4-14-3-1-2-6(14)11/h11H,1-4H2,(H2,12,13,15,16)
IUPAC Name : 5-chloro-6-[(2-iminopyrrolidin-1-yl)methyl]-1H-pyrimidine-2,4-dione
Exact Mass : 242.0570533
Melting Point : 245ÂșC (decomposition)
Description : Tipiracil is a member of the class of pyrimidones that is uracil substituted by chloro and (2-iminopyrrolidin-1-yl)methyl groups at positions 5 and 6 respectively. Used (as the hydrochloride salt) in combination with trifluridine, a nucleoside metabolic inhibitor, for treatment of advanced/relapsed unresectable colorectal cancer. It has a role as an antineoplastic agent and an EC (thymidine phosphorylase) inhibitor. It is a pyrimidone, an organochlorine compound, a carboxamidine and a member of pyrrolidines. It derives from a uracil. It is a conjugate base of a tipiracil(1+).
Toxicity Summary : TAS-102 is a cytotoxic drug, therefore this combination drug can cause myelosupression, including neutropenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, and febrile neutropenia. According to pre-clinical studies, TAS-102 presents also embryo-fetal toxicity.

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CS-P-02247 Tipiracil-d5 183204-74-2(Unlabeled)  Stable Isotopes