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ISO 17034:

Chemical Name : (R)-(+)-Pantoprazole
Catalog Number : CS-T-38666
CAS Number : 142706-18-1
Status : Available for Dispatch by 3-Apr-2023
Category : Pantoprazole Chiral
Molecular Formula : C16H14F2N3O4S
Therapeutic : Anti ulcer
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Status : (R)-(+)-Pantoprazole - Available for Dispatch by 3-Apr-2023
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More Information

Application : "(R)-(+)-Pantoprazole is the R-enantiomer of Pantoprazole , an antiulcerative. Gastric pump inhibitor."
Chemical Name : (R)-Pantoprazole
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References : "Simon, W,A,, et al,: Biochem, Pharmacol,, 39, 1799 (1990), "
Canonical SMILES : COC1=C(C(=NC=C1)CS(=O)C2=NC3=C(N2)C=C(C=C3)OC(F)F)OC
Isomeric SMILES : COC1=C(C(=NC=C1)C[S@@](=O)C2=NC3=C(N2)C=C(C=C3)OC(F)F)OC
InChI : InChI=1S/C16H15F2N3O4S/c1-23-13-5-6-19-12(14(13)24-2)8-26(22)16-20-10-4-3-9(25-15(17)18)7-11(10)21-16/h3-7,15H,8H2,1-2H3,(H,20,21)/t26-/m1/s1
IUPAC Name : 6-(difluoromethoxy)-2-[(R)-(3,4-dimethoxypyridin-2-yl)methylsulfinyl]-1H-benzimidazole
Exact Mass : 383.07513347