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We specialise in Deuterium Oxide or Heavy Water value added products

We are equipped for global shipping of Deuterium Oxide products for Life Sciences, High Technology and Environmental Science sectors.
Over the years, we have brought together an extremely competent team of management, scientists, engineers and technicians.

  • Flexible and fast acting team
  • Supplies Deuterium Oxide based products
  • Provide support for Laboratory and industrial expertise

Deuterium Oxide is routinely used in the process of heavy water electrolysis for production of deuterium gas that is essential for semiconductor industries.
In the high technology and electronics industry Deuterium Oxide enhances the lifespan and performance of OLEDs and increases the service life and efficiency of optic fibers.

Read more about MOU between Heavy Water Board and M/s Clearsynth, Mumbai for sale of 20 tonnes of Heavy Water in a year for its non-nuclear applications. [Read Online]

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