The use of reference standards in anti-ulcer research and development plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of these medications. Reference standards, which are well-characterized substances with known purity and potency, serve as a benchmark against which the quality of anti-ulcer drugs can be assessed. They provide a standardized framework for testing, comparing, and verifying the identity, purity, and potency of the active ingredients in these medications. By using reference standards, researchers and manufacturers can ensure that anti-ulcer drugs meet regulatory requirements and quality standards, thereby enhancing patient safety and improving treatment outcomes. Additionally, reference standards facilitate the development of consistent and reliable analytical methods for the quality control of anti-ulcer drugs, enabling accurate and reproducible measurements of their active ingredients.

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Amoxicillin CS-O-03789 API Standards
Amoxicillin Aldehyde CS-O-05790 Impurities
Amoxicillin D4 CS-O-02742 Stable Isotopes
Amoxicillin EP Impurity B CS-T-03676 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity C CS-O-07189 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity D Sodi... CS-O-07190 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity E CS-O-07191 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity F CS-O-30483 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity G CS-O-07193 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity H CS-T-53649 Impurities

Amoxicillin EP Impurity J CS-T-48116 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity K CS-T-48117 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity L CS-O-15344 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity O CS-O-33798 Impurities
Amoxicillin EP Impurity P CS-O-33799 Impurities
Amoxicillin oxide CS-O-33800 Impurities
Amoxicillin Related Compound A CS-O-07187 Fine Chemicals
Amoxicillin Sodium IP (Sterile... CS-O-00940 API Standards
Amoxicillin Trihydrate CS-O-11598 API Standards
Amoxicillin trihydrate for per... CS-EG-00091 EP Standards
Amoxicillin Trimer CS-T-48115 Impurities
Amoxicillin Trimer Trisodium S... CS-T-62861 Impurities
Carbenoxolone-d4 CS-P-08168 Stable Isotopes
Cimetidine CS-T-12921 API Standards
Cimetidine Amide Dihydrochlori... CS-T-71734 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity A CS-O-13281 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity B CS-O-13282 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity C CS-O-07619 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity D CS-O-13283 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity E CS-O-07620 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity F CS-O-13284 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity G CS-N-00305 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity H CS-O-07621 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity I CS-O-13286 Impurities
Cimetidine EP Impurity J CS-Q-01830 Impurities
Cimetidine Hydrochloride CS-T-12924 API Standards
Cimetidine Impurity 3 CS-P-07519 Impurities
Cisapride CS-O-00498 API Standards
Cisapride monohydrate CS-O-15504 API Standards
Cisapride-d6 CS-P-02354 Stable Isotopes
Dapiprazole Hydrochloride CS-T-14402 API Standards
Dediaminosulfonyl Hydroxymethy... CS-T-14687 Impurities
Desdifluoromethoxy Hydroxy Pan... CS-T-15842 Impurities
Desmethyl Nizatidine CS-T-16292 Impurities
Desmethyl Ranitidine CS-T-16378 Impurities
Destrifluoro ethoxy Lansoprazo... CS-O-13809 Impurities
Desulfoxide 4-Demethyl Omepraz... CS-T-88918 Impurities
Dexlansoprazole CS-O-01287 API Standards
Dexlansoprazole D4 CS-O-06708 Stable Isotopes
Dexrabeprazole CS-CL-00013 API Standards
Dexrabeprazole sodium CS-O-00293 Fine Chemicals
Esomeprazole D3 K salt CS-BU-00010 Stable Isotopes
Esomeprazole EP Impurity B CS-T-38031 Impurities
Esomeprazole Impurity 1 CS-O-11885 Impurities
Esomeprazole impurity J CS-AQ-00199 Impurities
Esomeprazole magnesium CS-O-30905 API Standards
Esomeprazole magnesium dihydra... CS-O-04263 Impurities
Esomeprazole sodium CS-O-01460 API Standards
Esomeprazole Sodium D3 CS-O-06832 Stable Isotopes
Esomeprazole Sodium D6 CS-O-06833 Stable Isotopes
Famotidine CS-O-11647 API Standards
Famotidine 13C CS-O-02664 Stable Isotopes
Famotidine 13CD3 CS-O-32963 Stable Isotopes
Famotidine Acid Methyl Ester CS-T-23422 Impurities
Famotidine D4 CS-O-15224 Stable Isotopes
Famotidine EP impurity A hydro... CS-T-23415 Impurities
Famotidine EP impurity B CS-T-23416 Impurities
Famotidine EP impurity D CS-T-47861 Impurities
Famotidine EP impurity E CS-T-49330 Impurities
Famotidine EP Impurity F CS-T-23419 Impurities
Famotidine EP impurity G CS-T-15632 Impurities
Famotidine EP Impurity I Hydro... CS-P-06992 Impurities
Famotidine Impurity 1 Hydrochl... CS-P-06963 Impurities
Famotidine Impurity I CS-O-13763 Impurities
Famotidine Related Compound A ... CS-T-75625 Impurities
Famotidine Sulfoxide CS-T-16886 Metabolites
Ilaprazole CS-O-11668 API Standards
Lafutidine CS-O-01780 API Standards
Lafutidine Impurity B CS-T-30813 Impurities
Lafutidine-D10 CS-P-01083 Stable Isotopes
Lansoprazole CS-O-10277 API Standards
Lansoprazole β-D-Glucuron... CS-O-14463 Glucuronides
Lansoprazole D4 CS-O-02612 Stable Isotopes
Lansoprazole Desulphur Impurit... CS-O-13808 Impurities
Lansoprazole Impurity 1 CS-O-13807 Impurities
Lansoprazole impurity(M+467) CS-O-15671 Impurities
Lansoprazole N-Oxide CS-O-06039 Metabolites
Lansoprazole Sulfide Impurity CS-O-31884 Impurities
Lansoprazole Sulfide N-Oxide CS-T-57181 Impurities
Lansoprazole sulfone CS-O-10332 Metabolites
Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide CS-T-57180 Metabolites
Lansoprazole Thioxo Impurity CS-O-10003 Impurities
Methylene Disulfide Cimetidine CS-O-14246 Impurities
Misoprostol CS-O-01842 API Standards
Misoprostol Acid CS-O-00767 Metabolites
Misoprostol Acid D5 CS-O-03191 Stable Isotopes
Misoprostol Impurity (B-Form) CS-O-05561 Impurities
Mosapride Citrate CS-O-01883 API Standards
Mosapride Citric Amide CS-P-01806 Impurities
Mosapride D5 CS-T-58995 Stable Isotopes
Mosapride Impurity 1 CS-P-01807 Impurities
Mosapride Impurity 2 CS-P-01808 Impurities
Mosapride Impurity 3 CS-P-01809 Impurities
Mosapride Impurity 4 CS-P-01810 Impurities
Mosapride N-Oxide CS-O-05956 Metabolites
Mosapride - Freebase CS-O-31167 API Standards
N-​Cyano-​N',​N''-​dimethylgua... CS-T-89515 Impurities
N-(4-Methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-py... CS-T-80106 Impurities
N-(Hydroxyphenylglycyl) amoxic... CS-O-14112 Impurities
N,N-Diacetyl Des-5'-chloro-4-f... CS-T-16765 Impurities
N-[(3,4-Dimethoxy-2-pyridinyl)... CS-T-19992 Impurities
N-[(3,4-Dimethoxy-2-pyridinyl)... CS-T-19993 Impurities
N-[3-Methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoro... CS-T-35290 Impurities
N-[3-Methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoro... CS-T-35292 Impurities
N-[3-Methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoro... CS-T-81733 Impurities
Naringenin-Beta-O-Beta-D-Glucu... CS-T-59160 Glucuronides
N-Desmethyl Pirenzepine CS-T-52258 Metabolites
N-desmethyl pirenzepine-D8 CS-O-15704 Stable Isotopes
Nizatidine CS-T-37350 API Standards
Nizatidine D3 CS-T-59662 Stable Isotopes
Nizatidine EP Impurity A CS-T-20362 Impurities
NIzatidine EP Impurity B CS-O-13643 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity C CS-O-13910 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity D CS-T-53386 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity E CS-T-37354 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity F CS-T-61994 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity G CS-T-19996 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity H CS-O-13911 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity I CS-T-16441 Impurities
Nizatidine EP Impurity J CS-T-20001 Impurities
N-methyl Omeprazole CS-O-03493 Impurities
N-Methyl Omeprazole (Mixture o... CS-T-82743 Impurities
Nor Cisapride Hydrochloride CS-T-59703 Chiral
N-Pivaloyl Amoxicillin CS-T-03710 Impurities
O,O-Didesmethyl Omeprazole CS-O-30442 Impurities
O-Desmethyl Pantoprazole O-Sul... CS-T-16355 Impurities
O-Desmethyl Pantoprazole O-Sul... CS-O-11941 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole CS-O-10304 API Standards
Omeprazole 13CD3 CS-O-03017 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole Acid Methyl Ester S... CS-T-38048 Impurities
Omeprazole acid sodium salt CS-O-30491 Metabolites
Omeprazole D3 (5-methoxy-d3) CS-O-02623 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole EP Impurity A CS-O-31075 Impurities
Omeprazole EP impurity B CS-T-16121 Impurities
Omeprazole EP Impurity F CS-EO-00001 Impurities
Omeprazole EP impurity F & G M... CS-T-57691 Impurities
Omeprazole EP Impurity G CS-O-15599 Impurities
Omeprazole EP impurity I CS-O-10088 Impurities
Omeprazole Hydrolysis Impurity CS-O-30490 Impurities
Omeprazole impurity D CS-O-10305 Impurities
Omeprazole Impurity- K CS-DN-00023 Impurities
Omeprazole Magnesium CS-O-10930 Intermediates
Omeprazole N-Oxide CS-O-07977 Metabolites
Omeprazole N-oxide-d3 CS-O-10448 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole Related Compound 5 CS-P-02452 Impurities
Omeprazole Related Compound 7 CS-P-02230 Impurities
Omeprazole Sodium CS-O-04924 API Standards
Omeprazole sulfide CS-O-31176 Impurities
Omeprazole sulfide-(4-methoxy-... CS-T-59944 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole sulfone D3 CS-O-10447 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole-4-methoxy D3 CS-T-59942 Stable Isotopes
Omeprazole-N-(S)-camphorsulfon... CS-T-83321 Impurities
o-Toluoyl-5-hydroxy Omeprazole CS-T-62131 Intermediates
o-Toluoyl-5-hydroxy Omeprazole... CS-T-62132 Impurities
Oxyphenonium bromide CS-O-02021 API Standards
Pantoprazole CS-O-10995 API Standards
Pantoprazole D3 CS-O-02786 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole D6 CS-O-03310 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole D7 CS-O-16499 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole D8 CS-O-03598 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole EP impurity A CS-O-05992 Metabolites
Pantoprazole EP Impurity D CS-T-58519 Impurities
Pantoprazole EP Impurity E CS-O-14221 Impurities
Pantoprazole EP Impurity F CS-O-15216 Impurities
Pantoprazole for System suitab... CS-EG-00569 EP Standards
Pantoprazole Magnesium CS-O-02141 API Standards
Pantoprazole N-Oxide CS-O-05943 Metabolites
Pantoprazole N-Oxide Sodium Sa... CS-T-38664 Impurities
Pantoprazole Sodium CS-O-02154 API Standards
Pantoprazole Sodium Sesquihydr... CS-O-15265 API Standards
Pantoprazole Sulfide-β-D-... CS-T-60143 Glucuronides
Pantoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide CS-O-05993 Metabolites
Pantoprazole Sulfone-d6 CS-O-10449 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole Sulfoxide N-Oxide CS-O-14408 Metabolites
Pantoprazole Sulphide CS-O-05990 Metabolites
Pantoprazole Sulphide N-Oxide CS-O-07988 Metabolites
Pantoprazole sulphide-d6 CS-O-10450 Stable Isotopes
Pantoprazole-D4 CS-O-00893 Stable Isotopes
Pirenzepine CS-T-40161 API Standards
Pirenzepine D8 CS-T-60636 Stable Isotopes
Pirenzepine Dihydrochloride CS-T-60635 API Standards
Pirenzepine DiHydrochloride Mo... CS-O-31005 API Standards
R- Rabeprazole D3 CS-O-12009 Stable Isotopes
Rabeprazole CS-O-05154 API Standards
Rabeprazole 13C D3 Sodium salt CS-O-06907 Stable Isotopes
Rabeprazole 2-Chloromethyl Imp... CS-O-08046 Impurities
Rabeprazole Carboxylic Acid Im... CS-O-15935 Impurities
Rabeprazole D4 sodium salt CS-O-02936 Stable Isotopes
Rabeprazole EP Impurity I CS-O-08048 Impurities
Rabeprazole EP Impurity K CS-O-30450 Intermediates
Rabeprazole Impurity A CS-O-08055 Impurities
Rabeprazole Impurity D Sulfide CS-O-08049 Impurities
Rabeprazole Impurity G CS-O-08050 Impurities
Rabeprazole Impurity G Sulfone CS-O-08051 Impurities
Rabeprazole magnesium CS-O-02286 API Standards
Rabeprazole N-alkylated Sulphi... CS-T-32666 Impurities
Rabeprazole picolinium salt CS-O-32453 Impurities
Rabeprazole Sodium CS-O-02219 API Standards
Rabeprazole Sulfide N-Oxide CS-T-61044 Metabolites
Rabeprazole Sulfone CS-O-08057 Metabolites
Rabeprazole sulphide CS-O-08062 Metabolites
Rabeprazole USP Related Compou... CS-O-08054 Impurities
Rabeprazole USP Related Compou... CS-T-16126 Impurities
Rabeprazole D4 CS-T-60935 Stable Isotopes
Rabeprazole-13CD3 CS-O-03129 Stable Isotopes
rac Naringenin CS-T-59158 API Standards
rac trans-Lafutidine CS-T-30810 Impurities
rac-11-epi-Misoprostol CS-T-83079 Impurities
rac-Amoxicillin EP Impurity H CS-P-07132 Impurities
Ranitidine CS-O-02275 API Standards
Ranitidine D6 CS-O-06918 Stable Isotopes
Ranitidine EP impurity A CS-T-19636 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity B CS-T-61059 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity D CS-O-13642 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity E CS-O-13640 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity F CS-T-19923 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity G CS-O-13639 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity H CS-T-34500 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity I CS-T-58167 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity J CS-O-03631 Impurities
Ranitidine EP Impurity K CS-O-31878 Impurities
Ranitidine Hydrochloride CS-O-30747 API Standards
Ranitidine Impurity F.HCl CS-T-19969 Impurities
Ranitidine oxalic acid CS-DN-00025 Impurities
Ranitidine S-Oxide CS-O-13641 Metabolites
Ranitidine-D6 hydrochloride CS-O-14388 Stable Isotopes
Rebamipide CS-O-30754 API Standards
Rebamipide D4 CS-O-11775 Stable Isotopes
Rebamipide impurity 1 CS-P-06958 Impurities
Roxatidine CS-P-01134 API Standards
Roxatidine Acetate Hydrochlori... CS-T-41988 API Standards
Roxatidine Hemioxalate CS-T-41986 Intermediates
Roxatidine Impurity 2 CS-P-01136 Impurities
S-(2-Guanidino-4-thiazolyl)met... CS-T-25744 Intermediates
Sofalcone CS-T-42523 API Standards
S-Pantoprazole CS-O-14414 Impurities
S-Pantoprazole sodium CS-O-02340 Impurities
S-Rabeprazole D3 CS-O-12010 Stable Isotopes
Sterile Clavulanate Potassium+... CS-O-15494 Impurities
Sucralfate CS-O-02307 API Standards
Tenatoprazole sodium CS-O-11755 API Standards
Tentoprazole sodium CS-O-14598 API Standards
Xanthydrol CS-T-46626 Pesticides
"1,1-Bis(methylthio)-2-nitroet... CS-T-07130 Intermediates
"2-Chloro Methyl-3-Methyl-4-(2... CS-O-31882 Intermediates
"2-Hydroxy methyl-4-Methoxy-3,... CS-O-31341 Intermediates
"3-Methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoroet... CS-T-35303 Impurities
"4-Chloro-2,3-Dimethyl Pyridin... CS-O-31343 Intermediates
"5-(Difluoromethoxy)-1,3-dihyd... CS-T-89935 Impurities
"5,6-Dihydro-3-(methylamino)-2... CS-T-89520 Stable Isotopes
"N-(4-Methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-p... CS-T-81597 Impurities
(R)-(+)-Pantoprazole CS-T-38666 Chiral
(R)-(+)-Pantoprazole Sodium CS-T-38665 API Standards
(R)-2-Amino-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl... CS-O-15050 Stable Isotopes
(R)-Omeprazole Sodium Salt CS-O-11179 Chiral
(S)-Lansoprazole CS-T-57106 Chiral
(S)-Rabeprazole Sodium Salt CS-T-41431 Impurities
1,1’-N-[Methylenebis(sulphaned... CS-T-81293 Stable Isotopes
10,11-Dehydro Misoprostol CS-T-51818 Impurities
12-(((1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl... CS-O-33408 Impurities
1-Cyclopentene-1-heptanoic aci... CS-O-10637 Intermediates
1H-Benzimidazole-2-sulfonic ac... CS-O-08044 Fine Chemicals
1H-Benzo imidazole-2-thiol CS-O-31883 Intermediates
1H-Tetrazole CS-O-02501 Fine Chemicals
1-methyl-2-(2,2,2-trifluoroeth... CS-O-33409 Impurities
2-(((1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)... CS-O-33407 Impurities
2-(Dimethylamino)thioacetamide... CS-T-19998 Impurities
2,5-Dihydroxymethyl-4-methoxy-... CS-T-19217 Intermediates
2-[[(3-Methyl-4-nitro- 2-pyrid... CS-CL-00005 Intermediates
2-[[(3-Methyl-4-nitro-2-pyridi... CS-DT-00003 Impurities
2-Chloromethyl-3,4-dimethoxypy... CS-O-14912 Intermediates
2-Chloromethyl-4-methoxy -3-me... CS-CL-00008 Intermediates
2-Chloromethyl-4-Methoxy-3,5-d... CS-O-31340 Intermediates
2-Chloromethyl-4-methoxy-3,5-d... CS-O-31339 Intermediates
2-Cyanoimino-1,3-thiazolidine CS-O-14245 Impurities
2-Hydroxymethyl-3-methyl- 4-(2... CS-CL-00010 Intermediates
2-Methylaminothioacetamide Hyd... CS-T-33137 Impurities
3,5-Dimethyl-2-pyridinemethano... CS-T-20589 Intermediates
3-[[[2-[(Diaminomethylene]amin... CS-T-16889 Fine Chemicals
3-Aminomethyl-4-(4-fluorobenzy... CS-T-02981 Impurities
4-[(1H-Benzimidazol-2-yl)oxy]-... CS-T-48651 Impurities
4-[(4-Fluorophenyl)methyl]-2-m... CS-O-30587 Intermediates
4-Acetyloxy Omeprazole Sulfide CS-T-47058 Impurities
4-Desmethoxy Omeprazole Sulfid... CS-T-16123 Metabolites
4-Desmethoxy-4-chloro Omeprazo... CS-T-16106 Impurities
4-Desmethoxy-4-chloro Omeprazo... CS-T-16108 Impurities
4-Desmethoxy-4-nitro Omeprazol... CS-T-16114 Impurities
4-Desmethoxy-4-nitro Omeprazol... CS-T-16115 Impurities
4-Desmethoxy-4-nitro Omeprazol... CS-T-52188 Impurities
4-Desmethoxypropoxyl-4-chloro ... CS-T-52190 Impurities