Reference standards play a crucial role in the development, quality control, and regulatory approval of anti-hyperlipidemic drugs. These standards provide a benchmark against which the potency, purity, and identity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms can be assessed. By comparing the properties of a drug substance or product to a reference standard, manufacturers can ensure that their anti-hyperlipidemic medications meet the required specifications and are consistent in their therapeutic effects. Moreover, reference standards enable regulators to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and quality of these drugs, ensuring that they comply with established pharmacopeial standards. Ultimately, the use of reference standards ensures that anti-hyperlipidemic drugs are reliable, effective, and safe for patients suffering from hyperlipidemia.

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Aminodihexylquat CS-O-10297 Impurities
Aminoquat CS-O-10296 Impurities
Colesevelam Hydrochloride CS-O-10480 API Standards
Colesevelam Hydroxyquat Impuri... CS-P-07362 Impurities
Colesevelam Methoxyquat Impuri... CS-P-07363 Impurities
Colestipol Hydrochloride CS-L-00140 API Standards
De((3,5-dihydroxyhept-6-enoic ... CS-T-14690 Impurities
Decylaminoquat CS-O-10295 Impurities
Des(2-methylbutyryl) Pravastat... CS-T-53218 Impurities
Desfluoro Pitavastatin t-Butyl... CS-O-14572 Impurities

Deshydroxy Ezetimibe CS-O-14280 Metabolites
Dimethyl 3-hydroxyglutarate CS-O-31962 Intermediates
Diphenyl[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-... CS-O-32233 Intermediates
ent-Ezetimibe CS-T-75143 Impurities
ent-Ezetimibe Ketone CS-P-02363 Chiral
ent-Rosuvastatin Lactone CS-T-41967 Impurities
ent-Rosuvastatin tert-Butyl Es... CS-T-86186 Impurities
Ethyl (E)-7-[2-cyclopropyl-4-(... CS-O-31579 Intermediates
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-22815 Impurities
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-54473 Stable Isotopes
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-22813 Stable Isotopes
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-22814 Impurities
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-22812 Impurities
Ethyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-iso... CS-T-22819 Impurities
Ethyl Propionylacetate CS-T-23074 Intermediates
Ezetimibe CS-O-11646 API Standards
Ezetimibe (3S,4S,3'R)-Isom... CS-P-07774 Impurities
Ezetimibe 13C6 CS-T-54651 Stable Isotopes
Ezetimibe 2-Fluoro Hydroxy imp... CS-O-16021 Impurities
Ezetimibe 2-Fluoro impurity CS-O-16010 Impurities
Ezetimibe Azetidinone Ring ope... CS-O-15711 Impurities
Ezetimibe Benzyl Diol Impurity CS-O-33210 Impurities
Ezetimibe Benzyl Impurity (MBZ... CS-P-07777 Impurities
Ezetimibe D4 CS-O-16105 Stable Isotopes
Ezetimibe Deprotected Impurity CS-T-54872 Impurities
Ezetimibe Diacetate CS-T-54652 API Standards
Ezetimibe Diacid CS-T-23394 Impurities
Ezetimibe Dides fluoro impurit... CS-O-15762 Impurities
Ezetimibe Didesfluro impurity CS-T-15984 Impurities
Ezetimibe Diol Impurity CS-O-16054 Impurities
Ezetimibe Hydroxy tert-Butyldi... CS-T-54654 Intermediates
Ezetimibe impurity (3-[5-(4-Fl... CS-P-07778 Impurities
Ezetimibe Impurity 1 ((3'S... CS-P-07768 Impurities
Ezetimibe Impurity 15 CS-P-02404 Impurities
Ezetimibe Impurity 17 CS-P-07780 Impurities
Ezetimibe Impurity 18 CS-P-07781 Impurities
Ezetimibe Intermediate-L CS-T-05991 Chiral
Ezetimibe Ketone CS-T-23397 Impurities
Ezetimibe Lactam Cleaved Alcoh... CS-P-07772 Impurities
Ezetimibe N-Phenyl-D4 Phenoxy ... CS-O-10372 Stable Isotopes
Ezetimibe phenoxy glucuronide CS-O-05729 Glucuronides
Ezetimibe Phenoxy tert-Butyldi... CS-T-54655 Intermediates
Ezetimibe Related Impurity 7 CS-P-07779 Impurities
Ezetimibe ring open impurity CS-T-55768 Impurities
Ezetimibe Ring-opening Dehydra... CS-P-07776 Impurities
Ezetimibe Tetrahydropyran Impu... CS-T-23399 Impurities
Fenirofibrate-β-D-Glucuro... CS-T-23504 Glucuronides
Fenofibrate CS-T-23511 API Standards
Fenofibrate D4 CS-O-11268 Stable Isotopes
Fenofibrate D6 CS-T-53056 Stable Isotopes
Fenofibrate D7 CS-O-03128 Stable Isotopes
Fenofibrate EP Impurity A CS-O-30874 Impurities
Fenofibrate EP Impurity G CS-T-23519 Impurities
Fenofibrate Impurity 1 CS-P-07895 Impurities
Fenofibric Acid CS-O-10312 Metabolites
Fluvastatin CS-O-01528 API Standards
Fluvastatin D6 CS-O-15075 Stable Isotopes
Fluvastatin D6 sodium CS-O-06633 Stable Isotopes
Fluvastatin EP Impurity B CS-T-09705 Impurities
Fluvastatin EP Impurity C CS-T-54989 Impurities
Fluvastatin EP Impurity D CS-T-57003 Impurities
Fluvastatin EP Impurity E CS-T-24512 Impurities
Fluvastatin EP Impurity F CS-T-24519 Impurities
Fluvastatin Methyl Ester CS-T-24517 Impurities
Fluvastatin Sodium Salt CS-O-01525 API Standards
Fluvastatin-d7 Sodium Salt CS-T-54990 Stable Isotopes
Homopravastatin Lactone Di-(te... CS-T-55682 Impurities
Homopravastatin Sodium Salt CS-T-55683 Impurities
Methyl 4-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(c... CS-O-31575 Intermediates
Methyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-is... CS-T-33721 Impurities
Methyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-is... CS-T-33723 Impurities
Methyl 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-6-is... CS-O-32235 Intermediates
Methyl(3r)-3-(tert-butyldimeth... CS-O-31960 Intermediates
m-Fluoroaniline isomer of Ezet... CS-O-16019 Impurities
N-[4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-5-methyl... CS-T-54877 Impurities
N-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-(1-met... CS-T-24252 Intermediates
N-Benzyl-4-fluoroaniline Hydro... CS-T-48886 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Rosuvastatin CS-O-31065 Metabolites
N-desmethyl rosuvastatin disod... CS-O-06014 Metabolites
O-Fluoroaniline isomer of Ezet... CS-O-14869 Impurities
O-Fluorobenzene isomer of Ezet... CS-O-16379 Impurities
Pitavastatin CS-O-02153 API Standards
Pitavastatin (5R)-Oxo-Impurity CS-O-13412 Impurities
Pitavastatin (5S)-Oxo Impurity CS-O-13411 Impurities
Pitavastatin Calcium CS-O-30720 API Standards
Pitavastatin D4 Calcium Salt CS-O-02708 Stable Isotopes
Pitavastatin Desfluoro Impurit... CS-O-13409 Impurities
Pitavastatin Impurity 2 (PP-2) CS-O-13408 Impurities
Pitavastatin Impurity 3 (PP-3) CS-O-13413 Impurities
Pitavastatin Impurity 4 (PP-4) CS-O-13414 Impurities
Pitavastatin Impurity 5 CS-O-14033 Impurities
Pitavastatin Impurity 6 CS-O-14034 Impurities
Pitavastatin Lactone CS-O-05982 Metabolites
Pitavastatin Lactone D4 CS-O-13751 Stable Isotopes
Pitavastatin Lactone D5 CS-O-13693 Stable Isotopes
Pitavastatin Methyl Ester CS-O-14563 Impurities
Pitavastatin tert-butyl Ester CS-O-13410 Impurities
Pitavastatin-d4 CS-O-15074 Stable Isotopes
Pravastatin CS-O-02100 API Standards
Pravastatin 1,1,3,3-Tetramethy... CS-O-05928 Metabolites
Pravastatin D9 CS-O-14977 Stable Isotopes
Pravastatin EP Impurity A CS-O-14103 Impurities
Pravastatin EP Impurity C CS-O-16136 Impurities
Pravastatin Lactone CS-O-30741 Impurities
Pravastatin Lactone Di-(tert-b... CS-T-60711 Impurities
Pravastatin Oxidation Impurity CS-O-16137 Impurities
Pravastatin sodium CS-O-02099 API Standards
Pravastatin D9 Sodium CS-O-03246 Stable Isotopes
Pravastatin-D9 ammonium Salt CS-O-15790 Stable Isotopes
Rac Ezetimibe D4 CS-O-16398 Stable Isotopes
rac-Fluvastatin Methyl Ester CS-T-24520 Impurities
Rosuvastatin CS-O-05623 API Standards
Rosuvastatin (3R,5R)-Isomer ca... CS-O-08122 Chiral
Rosuvastatin Acid Isopropyl Es... CS-O-33504 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Acyl-β-D-glucuron... CS-T-41959 Glucuronides
Rosuvastatin Anhydro Lactone CS-T-41964 Impurities
Rosuvastatin calcium CS-O-02229 API Standards
Rosuvastatin D3 sodium CS-O-03030 Stable Isotopes
Rosuvastatin D6 CS-O-16018 Stable Isotopes
Rosuvastatin dehydro analog CS-O-32467 Metabolites
Rosuvastatin Diphenylphosphine... CS-T-53742 Stable Isotopes
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity A CS-O-03388 Impurities
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity B CS-O-31237 Impurities
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity C CS-O-31236 Impurities
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity F CS-T-54887 Impurities
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity H (Ca... CS-O-15354 Impurities
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity J -Ca... CS-O-03387 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester CS-O-32230 Impurities
Rosuvastatin for system suitab... CS-EG-00560 EP Standards
Rosuvastatin Isoamy Ester CS-T-41971 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Lactone CS-O-10334 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Lactone-d6 CS-P-06214 Stable Isotopes
Rosuvastatin Methyl Ester CS-T-41969 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Sodium D6 CS-O-06943 Stable Isotopes
Rosuvastatin Sodium Salt (Mixt... CS-P-06970 Impurities
Rosuvastatin Triphenylphosphon... CS-T-41970 Intermediates
RRR-Ezetimibe CS-O-10538 Chiral
RRS-Ezetimibe CS-O-11365 Chiral
RSR Ezetimibe CS-O-31107 Impurities
SSR-Ezetimibe CS-T-23384 Impurities
SSS-Ezetimibe CS-O-10539 Chiral
tert-butyl 2-((4R,6S)-6-((E)-2... CS-O-14035 Impurities
tert-Butyl rosuvastatin CS-O-32229 Metabolites
"(3R,5S)-Fluvastatin-3,5-aceto... CS-T-54991 Intermediates
"(4S)-4-Phenyl-3-[(5S)-5-(4-fl... CS-O-16242 Intermediates
"Methyl 6-(4-Fluorophenyl)-4-i... CS-T-33720 Impurities
"rac-(4E,6E)-5-Dehydroxy Rosuv... CS-T-73158 Impurities
(3R,4S)-1-(4-Fluorophenyl)-2-o... CS-O-10625 Intermediates
(3R,5R)-Fluvastatin Sodium Sal... CS-P-00005 Impurities
(3R,5S)-Fluvastatin Sodium Sal... CS-T-24506 Impurities
(3R,5S)-Fluvastatin tert-Butyl... CS-T-24515 Intermediates
(3S,5R) Pitavastatin Ethyl Est... CS-O-14567 Impurities
(3S,5R)-Fluvastatin Sodium Sal... CS-T-24507 Impurities
(3S,5R)-Pitavastatin Calcium CS-T-51481 Impurities
(3S,5R)-Rosuvastatin Calcium CS-O-14223 Chiral
(3S,5S) Pitavastatin Ethyl Est... CS-O-14568 Impurities
(3S,5S)-Fluvastatin Sodium Sal... CS-P-00003 Impurities
(3S,5S)-Pitavastatin Calcium CS-T-51480 Impurities
(3S,5S)-Rosuvastatin Calcium CS-O-05791 Chiral
(4-Chlorophenyl)[4-(1-methylet... CS-T-12247 Intermediates
(4R)-3-[(5S)-5-(4-fluorophenyl... CS-O-15806 Impurities
(4R-Cis)-6- Chlorin-2,2-Dimeth... CS-O-32336 Intermediates
(4R-Cis)-6-Chlorin-2,2-Dimethy... CS-O-32337 Intermediates
(4R-cis)-6-formaldehydel-2,2-d... CS-O-32238 Intermediates
(4R-CIS)-6-HYDROXYMETHYL-2,2-D... CS-O-32239 Impurities
(4S)-3-[(4E)-5-(4-fluorophenyl... CS-O-16007 Impurities
(4S)-3-[5-(4-fluorophenyl)pent... CS-O-15945 Impurities
(5R)-Rosuvastatin Methyl Ester CS-T-85734 Impurities
(5S)-N,5-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-5... CS-O-15766 Impurities
(R)-3-Hydroxy Pravastatin Sodi... CS-T-56378 Impurities
(R,R)-Pitavastatin CS-O-05798 Impurities
(S)-3-Hydroxy Pravastatin Sodi... CS-T-56379 Impurities
(ßR,dR,1S,2S)-1,2-Dihydro-ß,d,... CS-T-91069 Impurities
(Z)-Pitavastatin Calcium Salt CS-T-40198 Impurities
(βR,dR,1S,2S)-1,2-Dihydro-β,d,... CS-T-53145 Impurities
1-(3-fluorophenyl)-5-[(4S)-2-o... CS-O-15718 Impurities
1-Bromo-6-(trimethylammonium)h... CS-T-09028 Impurities
1-Isopropyl-3-(4-fluorophenyl)... CS-T-29911 Impurities
2,2'-Azobis[2-methyl-propanimi... CS-T-48529 Impurities
2,3-Anhydro Rosuvastatin CS-O-14775 Impurities
2,5-Diamino-4, 6-dihydroxy pyr... CS-CP-00002 Intermediates
2-{(E)-[(4-fluorophenyl)imino]... CS-O-15579 Impurities
2-Cyclopropyl-4-(4-fluoropheny... CS-T-14046 Intermediates
2-Cyclopropyl-4-(4-fluoropheny... CS-O-31577 Intermediates
2-Cyclopropyl-4-(4-fluoropheny... CS-O-32342 Intermediates
3α-hydroxy pravastatin CS-O-11965 Metabolites
3α-Hydroxy Pravastatin-d3... CS-O-16709 Stable Isotopes
3-α-hydroxy Pravastatin-D... CS-O-11968 Stable Isotopes
3-β-Hydroxy Pravastatin L... CS-T-56381 Intermediates
3-(N-Phenyl-N-methyl)aminoacro... CS-O-10550 Intermediates
3-[5-(1,5-Dioxo-5-(p-fluopheny... CS-T-20819 Intermediates
3-{(E)-[(4-fluorophenyl)imino]... CS-O-15591 Impurities
3a Hydroxy Pravastatin sodium CS-O-05909 Metabolites
3-Keto Fluvastatin Sodium Salt CS-T-30322 Impurities
3-O-Acetyl Ezetimibe CS-T-47226 Metabolites
3-O-Acetyl Ezetimibe 2,3,4-Tri... CS-T-47227 Glucuronides
3-Oxo Pitavastatin Sodium CS-O-14569 Impurities
3-Oxo Rosuvastatin CS-O-14295 Impurities
3-Oxo Rosuvastatin Sodium Salt CS-T-60047 Impurities
3R,5S-Fluvastatin sodium salt CS-P-00016 Chiral
3S,5R-Fluvastatin CS-P-00012 Impurities
4-(4-Fluorobenzoyl)-Butyric ac... CS-O-31347 Fine Chemicals
4-(4-FLUOROPHENYL)-6-ISOPROPYL... CS-O-32234 Intermediates
4-{(E)-[(2-fluorophenyl)imino]... CS-O-15598 Impurities
4-{(E)-[(3-fluorophenyl)imino]... CS-O-15578 Impurities
4-Chloro-4′-methoxybenzophenon... CS-P-07894 Impurities
4-fluoro-N-(phenylmethylene)an... CS-O-15577 Impurities
4-Fluoro-N-[E-Phenylmethylidin... CS-O-16058 Impurities
5-Keto Fluvastatin CS-O-17004 Impurities
5-Keto-O-tert-butyl Fluvastati... CS-T-30324 Impurities
5-Methyl Formate De(3,5-dihydr... CS-T-33874 Impurities
5-Oxo Pitavastatin Calcium CS-O-14570 Impurities
5-Oxo Pitavastatin Ethyl Ester CS-O-14571 Impurities
5-Oxo Rosuvastatin Methyl Este... CS-T-38362 Impurities
6,7-Dihydro Rosuvastatin Calci... CS-O-14417 Impurities
6-epi Pravastatin Lactone CS-T-60712 Impurities
6-epi Pravastatin Sodium Salt CS-T-60713 Impurities