Driven by our vision

Inspiring research

We specialize in Innovative Organic Chemistry and synthesis of Unique Complex Molecules, Stable Isotope Labelled compounds, Metabolites, Impurities, Glucuronides, Chiral Compounds, Conjugate Impurities, and Radioactive Labelled Compounds. We also undertake synthesis of complex Molecules or "Difficult to Synthesize" compounds/Intermediates.

Meet our leadership team

We are a growing team of industry experts and thought leaders - driven by passion and focused on results.

Where are we located?

Our corporate office is headquartered in Mumbai (India) with a sprawling facility which accommodates more than 100 employees.

Our commitment to our customers

As a company we are committed deeply to our customers because we believe that their success is ultimately linked to our success

We have always placed an exceptionally strong focus on maintaining trust and respect with our customers which lays the foundation of our corporate culture.

Our Facilities

With strategic office locations and certified labs we are ready to serve our customers around the world

Innovation at Clearsynth

As an organization we strongly believe 'Innovation' is the biggest driving force in building a better tomorrow

Code of business conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct ensures that we hold ourselves and we do business maintaining our high standards enabling us to fulfill our obligations


At each level of our business we ensure we adhere to strict quality controls. All our facilities and processes are certified and comply with all regulatory standards and authorities