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How can our medicines reach more patients, faster? This is the fundamental challenge you help to solve when you join us in Commercial & Sales. We’ve learned that strong partnerships are the best way to make progress. Whether you’re working with healthcare providers or increasing access to medicines, you’ll make a positive impact – not just on our business, but on the communities we serve.

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You can break new ground in how we bring treatments to patients when you join us in Sales. Collaborating closely with Marketing, Access and Medical teams, you’ll educate healthcare professionals about our medicines so they can choose the most appropriate treatment for patients.



If you are passionate about helping more patients gain access to innovative therapies and treatments through effective ‘go to market’ strategies, then join our Marketing team. With us, you can help develop omnichannel solutions and strategies that put patients right at the centre.

“Successful & admirable ambitious leadership company. Vision to excel and be the leader in Dueterated Chemistry Industry ”


Anil Patil, Regional Sales Manager West