Who are our employees?

Clearsynth employs a pool of 200+ experienced scientists, with impeccable credentials and global exposure. We pride ourselves on being reliable and committed partners to your Research and Development programs.

What industries do we cater to?

Our 3000+ clientele is spread across 6 continents and 58 countries. Servicing various industries including but not limited to; Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Agrochemicals, Veterinary, Defense, Forensic & Toxicology, Academic and Government research.

Our Presence

Clearsynth's corporate office is located in Mumbai, India. Our state of the art Research and Development centers are located in Hyderabad, India and Mississauga, Canada.

Our Mark of Quality

We have a strong commitment towards improving our quality systems, to deliver products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers and regulatory body mandates.

Hyderabad R&D Centre

Our research and development centre in Hyderabad is recognised by DSIR, the Government of India's Department for Scientific & Industrial Research. Along with receiving the following accreditations.

Our Vision

"The 'Catalyst' in making your Research Work"
We firmly believe in the power of research & the need to go where research takes us. In this challenging and competitive environment, our business is driven by a strong commitment and operates with the highest standards of ethics & integrity.


At any given point of time, scientists at Clearsynth are always working on future products which would shape the world.

The methods and process we follow at Clearsynth are designed to encourage 'Innovation' in almost everything we do.

We nurture talent to think beyond the regular boundaries of the human mind, thus helping us deliver world class services to our clients worldwide.