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Isotope Labelled Compounds

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What are Isotope Labelled Compounds?

Isotope labelled compounds are chemical substances in which some atoms in their molecules are replaced by isotope atoms. The range of Isotope Labelled Compounds can cover from gases to complex molecules. Isotope labelled compounds could provide a site-specific investigation of structures, making molecules easily detectable by mass spectrometry and NMR, and maintaining the physico- chemical properties of the target molecule at the same time.

Over the last ten years, clinical applications of LC-MS/MS have steadily increased. The improved sensitivity, specificity, and throughput of the LC-MS/MS have led to the development of MS-based methods for quantifying key biological components.

Scientists are increasingly interested in Isotope Labelled Compounds. The application's scope is gradually expanding into various scientific fields such as life sciences, food and medicine, agriculture, environment, geology, and so on. Isotope Labelled Compounds have numerous applications in Life Sciences, including Metabolomics, Proteomics, Clinical studies, Deuterium drugs, and so on. With increasing applications for Stable isotopes, the need for them has also risen simultaneously.

Following are the list of available Isotope Labelled Compounds: