Reference standards play a crucial role in the field of Anti-Cancer/Oncology by providing a benchmark for accurate and reliable measurement of various parameters. These standards serve as a reference point for the development, validation, and quality control of diagnostic tests, drugs, and therapies used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They help ensure consistency and comparability of results across different laboratories and research studies, enabling effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals and researchers. By establishing standardized methods and materials, reference standards enable accurate and precise measurement of cancer biomarkers, genetic mutations, drug efficacy, and toxicity, thereby facilitating the development of new therapies, monitoring treatment response, and improving patient outcomes in the fight against cancer.

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Abemaciclib CS-CX-00032 API Standards
Abemaciclib D10 CS-O-32773 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib D5 CS-O-32774 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib D7 CS-O-32772 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib D8 CS-CX-00618 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib dimer impurity CS-O-32770 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 1 D12 CS-O-32780 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib Impurity 1 D5 CS-O-32781 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib Impurity 14 CS-O-32775 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 16 CS-O-32777 Impurities

Abemaciclib Impurity 17 CS-O-32778 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 18 CS-O-32779 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 2 CS-O-32767 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 2 CS-O-32679 Intermediates
Abemaciclib Impurity 21 CS-O-32782 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 22 CS-O-32783 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 23 CS-O-32784 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 24 CS-O-32785 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 25 CS-O-32786 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 26 CS-O-32787 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 27 CS-O-32788 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 28 CS-O-32789 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 29 CS-O-32790 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 4 CS-O-32768 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 5 CS-MM-79027 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 5 D5 CS-O-32776 Stable Isotopes
Abemaciclib Impurity 6 CS-O-32769 Impurities
Abemaciclib Impurity 8 CS-O-32771 Impurities
Abemaciclib Metabolites M2 CS-O-32604 Metabolites
Abiraterone CS-O-00928 API Standards
Abiraterone Acetate CS-T-46859 API Standards
Abiraterone Acetate D4 CS-O-06372 Stable Isotopes
Abiraterone Acetate Diastereom... CS-P-00498 Impurities
Abiraterone acetate N-oxide CS-O-07080 Metabolites
Abiraterone acetate reduced im... CS-O-33665 Impurities
Abiraterone Acetate-5,6-Epoxid... CS-P-00497 Impurities
Abiraterone D4 CS-O-06373 Stable Isotopes
Abiraterone Ethyl Ether CS-P-00504 Impurities
Abiraterone Ethyl Ether D5 CS-O-16044 Stable Isotopes
Abiraterone Glucuronide CS-P-00485 Glucuronides
Abiraterone Impurity 4 CS-P-07196 Impurities
Abiraterone Isopropyl Ether CS-P-00505 Impurities
Abiraterone Isopropyl Ether D7 CS-O-16041 Stable Isotopes
Abiraterone N-Oxide CS-O-06070 Metabolites
Abiraterone N-oxide Sulfate CS-O-16447 Metabolites
Abiraterone sulfate CS-AI-00139 API Standards
Acalabrutinib CS-AV-00045 API Standards
Acalabrutinib Metabolite 27 (A... CS-O-33784 Metabolites
Acalabrutinib-D4 CS-CX-00575 Stable Isotopes
Afatiniβ-d6 Dimaleate CS-O-10410 Stable Isotopes
Afatinib CS-T-01429 API Standards
Afatinib D4 CS-O-13074 Stable Isotopes
Afatinib D6 CS-CX-00057 Stable Isotopes
Afatinib Impurity 1 CS-O-13085 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 10 CS-O-13094 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 2 CS-O-13086 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 3 CS-O-13087 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 4 CS-O-13088 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 5 CS-O-13089 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 6 CS-O-13090 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 7 CS-O-13091 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 8 CS-O-13092 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity 9 CS-O-13093 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity A CS-O-13075 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity C CS-O-13077 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity D CS-O-13078 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity E CS-O-13079 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity F CS-O-13080 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity G CS-O-13081 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity H CS-O-13082 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity I CS-O-13083 Impurities
Afatinib Impurity J HCl CS-O-13084 Impurities
Afatinib dimaleate CS-O-12080 API Standards
Afatinib-N-Oxide CS-O-10178 Metabolites
AFP-Picolin Methylamide Impuri... CS-O-11141 Impurities
Albomitomycin C CS-O-01918 API Standards
Alectinib Metabolite M4 CS-O-16973 Metabolites
Alectinib D5 CS-P-08187 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib D6 CS-P-08188 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib Hydrochloride CS-T-69135 API Standards
Alectinib M1a CS-O-32475 Metabolites
Alectinib M4 metabolite D4 CS-O-32642 Stable Isotopes
Alectinib Metabolite M1b CS-O-32476 Metabolites
Alemtuzumab CS-O-11209 API Standards
Amifostine CS-O-11591 API Standards
Amifostine Thiol Dihydrochlori... CS-T-01842 Metabolites
Amifostine Trihydrate CS-T-47509 API Standards
Amsacrine CS-L-00128 API Standards
Anastrozole CS-O-05660 API Standards
Anastrozole D12 CS-O-10382 Stable Isotopes
Anastrozole D3 Dimer Impurity CS-T-48194 Stable Isotopes
Anastrozole Dimer Impurity CS-T-93323 Impurities
Anastrozole EP Impurity A CS-O-31084 Impurities
Anastrozole EP Impurity C CS-O-31400 Impurities
Anastrozole EP Impurity E CS-CB-00029 Impurities
Anastrozole EP Impurity H CS-O-31085 Impurities
Anastrozole EP Impurity I CS-P-07134 Impurities
Anastrozole Impurity A CS-O-31401 Impurities
Anastrozole Isomer CS-P-07133 Impurities
Anastrozole Mono Acid CS-T-48192 Impurities
Anhydro Abiraterone CS-P-00499 Impurities
Apalutamide D3 CS-O-32718 Stable Isotopes
Apalutamide-13C-D3 CS-CX-00741 Stable Isotopes
Apatinib CS-T-03997 API Standards
Apatinib D8 CS-CX-00125 Stable Isotopes
Aprepitant CS-O-11601 API Standards
Aprepitant D4 CS-O-06411 Stable Isotopes
Aprepitant EP Impurity A CS-T-14763 Impurities
Aprepitant EP Impurity B CS-P-00645 Impurities
Aprepitant Impurity 1 Hydrochl... CS-P-07153 Impurities
Aprepitant Impurity 2 CS-P-00644 Impurities
Aprepitant Impurity 9 CS-P-07155 Impurities
Aprepitant Impurity B Enantiom... CS-P-07154 Impurities
Aprepitant N-Oxide CS-O-15660 Metabolites
Asparaginase CS-O-05642 API Standards
Atezolizumab CS-O-16307 API Standards
Axitinib 13C D3 CS-O-11922 Stable Isotopes
Axitinib D3 CS-O-14379 Stable Isotopes
Axitinib Impurity 2 CS-P-07101 Impurities
Axitinib Impurity 27 CS-P-08192 Impurities
Axitinib Impurity 4 CS-P-07102 Impurities
Axitinib Impurity 8 CS-P-07104 Impurities
Axitinib Impurity 9 CS-P-07105 Impurities
Axitinib M5 CS-O-13258 Metabolites
Axitinib M7 CS-O-13259 Glucuronides
Axitinib M9 CS-O-13260 Metabolites
Axitinib Sulfonyl Impurity CS-O-13155 Impurities
Axitinib Sulfoxide CS-O-13261 Metabolites
Axitinib Tetrahydro-2H-pyran CS-O-31818 Intermediates
Axitinib Z-isomer CS-O-13156 Impurities
Azacitidine Amine Impurity CS-O-14699 Impurities
Azacitidine Impurity 1 CS-P-07195 Impurities
Azacitidine Impurity 4 CS-EO-00123 Impurities
Azacitidine Impurity 9 CS-P-07194 Impurities
Azacitidine N- Formyl Impurity CS-O-14700 Impurities
Azacitidine Related Compound B CS-T-47420 Impurities
Azacitidine Related compound C... CS-O-13991 Impurities
AZD2014 CS-T-04492 API Standards
Baccatin III CS-O-00480 API Standards
Baccatin VI CS-T-48541 Intermediates
Bafetinib CS-T-04747 Intermediates
Baricitinib CS-T-48553 API Standards
Belinostat CS-T-48599 Intermediates
Belinostat M1 CS-O-13314 Glucuronides
Belinostat M2 CS-O-13321 Metabolites
Belinostat M3 CS-O-13323 Metabolites
Belinostat M4 CS-O-13322 Metabolites
Belinostat M5 CS-O-13324 Metabolites
Belinostat Z-isomer CS-P-07271 Impurities
Bendamustine CS-O-00949 API Standards
Bendamustine Chloro Dimer Impu... CS-O-07335 Impurities
Bendamustine D8 Hydrochloride CS-O-03392 Stable Isotopes
Bendamustine Deschloroethyl Ac... CS-O-07336 Impurities
Bendamustine Dideschloroethyl ... CS-O-07337 Impurities
Bendamustine D-Mannitol Ester CS-O-10157 Impurities
Bendamustine Ether Impurity CS-O-13935 Impurities
Bendamustine Ethyl Ester CS-O-07339 Impurities
Bendamustine Ethyl Impurity CS-O-14669 Impurities
Bendamustine Hydrochloride CS-I-00021 API Standards
Bendamustine Impurity 1 CS-O-14670 Impurities
Bendamustine Impurity B CS-O-13932 Impurities
Bendamustine Impurity C CS-O-13933 Impurities
Bendamustine Impurity D CS-O-13934 Impurities
Bendamustine Isopropyl Ester I... CS-O-15303 Impurities
Bendamustine M4 CS-O-14844 Metabolites
Bendamustine Methyl Ester CS-O-07342 Impurities
Bendamustine Monohydroxy Impur... CS-O-07343 Impurities
Bendamustine N-Alkylated Impur... CS-P-07302 Impurities
Bendamustine Nitro Ethyl Ester... CS-O-07345 Impurities
Bendamustine Related Impurity ... CS-P-03348 Impurities
Bendamustine Related Impurity ... CS-O-13937 Impurities
Bendamustine Related Impurity ... CS-O-13936 Impurities
Bendamustine Trihydroxy Dimer ... CS-O-07346 Impurities
Benzoic acid, 4-[1-[(2,4-diami... CS-CS-00022 Intermediates
Benzyl 2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl... CS-MM-50867 Impurities
Betaxolol CS-O-11609 API Standards
Betaxolol EP Impurity A CS-P-02258 Impurities
Betaxolol EP Impurity E CS-P-02305 Impurities
Betaxolol HCl CS-O-11610 API Standards
Bexarotene CS-O-11163 API Standards
Bexarotene 13C4 CS-T-49083 Stable Isotopes
Bexarotene Acyl-Beta-D-glucuro... CS-T-06430 Glucuronides
Bexarotene d4 CS-O-15677 Stable Isotopes
Bexarotene Impurity Z3d CS-O-16865 Impurities
Bexarotene Impurity Z4f CS-O-16866 Impurities
Bicalutamide CS-O-01015 API Standards
Bicalutamide D5 CS-O-02645 Stable Isotopes
Bicalutamide EP Impurity B CS-O-07359 Impurities
Bicalutamide EP Impurity C CS-O-07360 Impurities
Bicalutamide EP Impurity E CS-T-89189 Impurities
Bicalutamide EP Impurity E CS-O-07362 Impurities
Bicalutamide EP Impurity F CS-T-89955 Impurities
Bicalutamide EP Impurity M CS-P-07207 Impurities
Bicalutamide Impurity A CS-O-07358 Impurities
Bicalutamide USP Related Compo... CS-O-07366 Impurities
Bicalutamide-β-D-Glucuron... CS-T-49013 Glucuronides
Bicalutamide-d4 CS-O-10467 Stable Isotopes
Bisanhydrous idarubicin aglyco... CS-O-33546 Impurities
Bleomycin A5 Hydrochloride CS-AD-00812 API Standards
Bleomycin hydrochloride CS-O-11162 API Standards
Bleomycin Sulfate (Mixture of ... CS-O-00968 Impurities
BMS 249798 CS-T-67263 Impurities
Bosutinib CS-T-07791 API Standards
Bosutinib D8 CS-O-11880 Stable Isotopes
Bosutinib Impurity 1 CS-P-02310 Impurities
Bosutinib Impurity 4 CS-P-02306 Impurities
Bosutinib-13CD3 CS-O-01221 Stable Isotopes
Brigatinib 13C6 CS-EK-02077 Stable Isotopes
Busulfan CS-T-49967 API Standards
Busulfan Impurity 1 CS-P-00782 Impurities
Busulfan Impurity 2 CS-P-00783 Impurities
Busulfan Impurity 4 CS-P-00784 Impurities
Busulfan Impurity 5 CS-P-00785 Impurities
Cabazitaxel CS-O-01257 API Standards
Cabazitaxel 2,3 Isomer Impurit... CS-O-14789 Impurities
Cabazitaxel D6 CS-O-11879 Stable Isotopes
Cabazitaxel Impurity 1 CS-P-02537 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 10 CS-P-02546 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 11 CS-P-02547 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 12 CS-P-02548 Impurities
Cabazitaxel Impurity 15 CS-P-07595 Impurities
Cabazitaxel Impurity 2 CS-P-02538 Impurities
Cabazitaxel Impurity 3 CS-P-02539 Impurities
Cabazitaxel Impurity 4 CS-P-02540 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 5 CS-P-02541 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 6 CS-P-02542 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 7 CS-P-02543 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 8 CS-P-02544 Impurities
Cabazitaxel impurity 9 CS-P-02545 Impurities
Cabozantinib CS-L-00116 API Standards
Cabozantinib D4 CS-AP-00013 Stable Isotopes
Cabozantinib L-Malate Salt CS-T-50185 Intermediates
Canertinib CS-T-10147 API Standards
Canertinib Dihydrochloride CS-I-00031 Impurities
Capecitabine CS-O-01072 API Standards
Capecitabine D11 CS-O-06460 Stable Isotopes
Capecitabine Impurity 5 CS-EO-00021 Impurities
Capecitabine impurity D (Y0001... CS-EG-00249 EP Standards
Capecitabine USP Impurity I CS-T-52019 Impurities
Capecitabine-2',3'-cyclic Carb... CS-T-50238 Impurities
Carboplatin CS-O-00535 API Standards
Carboplatin impurity 1 CS-O-33632 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 2 CS-O-33633 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 3 CS-P-02443 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 4 CS-O-33634 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 5 CS-O-33635 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 6 CS-O-33636 Impurities
Carboplatin Impurity 7 CS-O-33637 Impurities
Carboxy Dabrafenib CS-O-14730 Metabolites
Carmustine CS-T-50386 API Standards
Carmustine impurity A (C058001... CS-EG-00269 EP Standards
Cerdulatinib D5 CS-CX-00640 Stable Isotopes
Ceritinib CS-O-11185 API Standards
Ceritinib D7 CS-O-13153 Stable Isotopes
Chlorambucil CS-O-30552 API Standards
Chlorambucil EP Impurity A CS-O-14235 Impurities
Chlorambucil EP Impurity B CS-O-14236 Impurities
Chlorambucil EP Impurity C CS-O-14237 Impurities
Chlorambucil EP Impurity D CS-O-14238 Impurities
Chlorambucil EP Impurity E CS-O-14239 Impurities
Chlorambucil EP Impurity F CS-O-14240 Impurities
Chlorambucil morpholine CS-O-16801 API Standards
Cis-1-Hydroxy-2,7-diamino Mito... CS-T-63075 Impurities
cis-4-Hydroxy-lomustine CS-T-79645 Intermediates
Cisplatin CS-O-14179 API Standards
Cisplatin EP Impurity A CS-O-06282 Impurities
Cisplatin Impurity 1 CS-P-07479 Impurities
Cladribine EP Impurity A CS-T-52425 Impurities
Cladribine EP Impurity B CS-T-57661 Impurities
Cladribine Impurity D CS-P-00894 Impurities
Cladribine Impurity F CS-P-00895 Impurities
Cladribine Phosphate CS-P-01251 API Standards
Clarithromycin CS-O-00499 API Standards
Clarithromycin 13C D3 CS-O-06492 Stable Isotopes
Clarithromycin EP impurity A CS-O-11818 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity B CS-O-11821 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity C CS-O-11824 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity D CS-T-52214 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity E CS-O-31092 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity F CS-T-57950 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity G CS-O-11828 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity H CS-T-51865 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity I CS-T-51698 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity K CS-T-51699 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity L CS-O-11826 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity M CS-O-11829 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity N CS-O-11830 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity O CS-O-11827 Impurities
Clarithromycin EP impurity P CS-T-53545 Impurities
Clarithromycin for peak identi... CS-EG-00365 EP Standards
Clarithromycin N-Oxide CS-T-51168 Metabolites
Clofarabine CS-O-01201 API Standards
Clofarabine Impurity 11 CS-O-33775 Impurities
Clofarabine impurity mixtures ... CS-O-15942 Impurities
Clofarabine Related Compound 1 CS-P-01254 Impurities
Clofarabine Related Compound 2 CS-P-01255 Impurities
Cobimetinib CS-CX-00256 API Standards
Cobimetinib D9 CS-O-16955 Stable Isotopes
Copanlisib D8 CS-CX-00599 Stable Isotopes
Crizotinib CS-O-01256 API Standards