Deuterated Drug Development Service

We have a large supply of value added products derived from Deuterium Oxide, ready for global delivery. Secure your supply now.

Comprehensive Deuterated Drug Development Services

Clearsynth is a technology based, research driven enterprise with the World's Largest Inventory of Isotopic Research Chemicals. We aim to enable the research community in accelerated discovery via synthesis of complex and difficult to make compounds.

How does Deuterium benefit Drug Discovery?

  • Increases Half life and slows pharmacokinetic effect
  • Improves metabolic stability
  • Reduces formation of toxic metabolites
  • Enhances building up of desired active metabolites
  • Improves safety, efficacy and tolerability of the drug

Clearsynth Capabilities:

  • Availability of Heavy Water
  • Expertise in Deuteration Chemistry
  • Facility to scale up from mg to kg scale
  • In house analytical capabilities
  • Large inventory of Stable isotopes
  • Algorithm for Deuterated Drug Screening